Tuesday, September 23, 2008

We're back....

After being gone 2 weekends in a row, we are worn out. Ok, I guess I should say I'm worn out. The Memphis trip was a true blessing and we're so glad we went. You'll have to check back tomorrow for pictures....and Sundays highlight. Yesterday was spent unpacking, washing 8 loads of laundry, doing half a day of school work, cooking a real dinner, and trying to regroup. Today was spent schooling, cleaning out a closet...YUCK...and going to Sam's after supper. Are you thinking "how dull"? Really there is very little in our life that is dull....still thinking sounds blah? Life with 9 kids is never dull or blah, there is entertainment all day long.....somewhat like a circus, yet you never need to purchase a ticket and you have a ring side seat. I wouldn't trade in my seat for the world.....my world is sitting right here in my big tent, our home.

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The Pauls' said...

I agree.
Live is never dull.
There is always someone to entertain you, talk to, play a game with, go for a walk with, or just sit and be with.
Who could want more (or less) than that? Really??