Thursday, September 4, 2008

We're still here.......

We're still here, sitting among the pencils, pens, papers, crayons,scissors,glue, folders, spirals, text books, workbooks, and manipulative's. As we embark into our new school year it seems to always take a few weeks to work out the kinks. This has been one of those weeks. The lessons are getting done, just not in a timely manner. This is a scheduling issue that's going to take time, and a few adjustments along the way. The kids all seem to be VERY eager this year, even more than the past. Stephen is kindergarten and LOVES it, which isn't a surprise. He is flying through his math book doing a chapter a day, I now wonder if he should have started 1st grade math. It's a work in progress and finding every ones niche. The others seem to be right where they need to be, Stephen will just be moving a little faster through his books. That's the joy to homeschooling. When he finishes his books I'll move him right into the 1st grade books. I'm thinking he'll finish by January if he continues at this pace. So, we're still here just a little quite......on the blog end :)

In the pictures you can see green, tan, and striped baskets. Each one of the children have their own basket with their school work in it. The green belongs to the girls, the tan are Madison and Jonathan's, and the stripe are James and Stephen's. We started using the basket system last year. It has worked well, because we do most our school at the dinning room table. It was hard to clean up at supper before we had the baskets, most of the time laying books all over the floor and what not. Now everyone grabs their basket and we can clean off the table in minutes. It also saves loads of time when their ready to pull their school work back out, there isn't a question of what stack your books may have ended up in. On Friday all the baskets can be put away at the end of the living room by the couches, almost out of sight.


Christina said...

I love the baskets. I think I might steal that!

Theresa said...

I can't even imagine how you handle all of those kids. I have trouble with getting two to focus! Thinking about you.

Love Theresa