Friday, October 10, 2008

31 for 10

Jonathan had a great birthday, last night. We had planned family party(grandparents) but, had to call it off ....we still have sick kids :( Really can you believe our kids are still sick. James still has stomach cramps, Amanda is now better, Jonathan and Rebekah got sick in the wee hours Sunday morning. Rebekah is better, Jonathan is still having cramps and diarrhea. As for little Wesley well, I took him back to the doctor last Friday. They think he has more than a virus, so we are taking him to see Jonathan's GI doctor. This has been one long crazy week. October 20th we plan to have Jonathan and Stephen's birthday together....hope everyone is well by then :)


Laura said...

Happy Birthday to Jonathan! He looks like such a sweetie. :)

Michelle said...

Happy birthday!

Sorry the kids are sick though :(

JennyH said...

Adorable! Looks like he loved the gifts!