Monday, October 13, 2008

31 for 13...William's day

Me and Jonathan Memorial Day 2008

Jonathan and I share a bedroom, we have bunk beds and Wesley sleeps in a crib.

Johnny and I are big buddies. I think he is so funny, he makes me laugh. Johnny calls me Baby, he can't say my name yet. One day he was calling for me and saying Baby, I got upset and told Mom that I'm not a baby. She told me that Johnny calls me that as my name, and has since I was born. My grandmother "Grammy" says she thinks he'll always call me that...I'll look funny at 40 being called baby. Now that I know he's not being mean to be I'm OK with Johnny calling me Baby. He hasn't ever called Wesley baby, he tries to say his name. I think he calls me Baby because I'm one of his best friends.

I love to play with Johnny and he thinks I'm funny when I make silly faces :)


JennyH said...

SO sweet to hear from siblings and read their thoughts.

sherri said...

I think some day you are going to love that he calls you Baby because it shows you share a special bond.