Friday, October 17, 2008

31 for 17...Amanda's day

Easter egg hunt at our church this year, as you can see Jonathan didn't like what I had.

Jonathan, Rebekah, and I summer of 2005, he is so silly.

Jonathan has always been my pal. When he was a baby I felt the need to take care of him and watch after him. My mom would tell me to let him do things for himself, but i just wanted to help him. One day it hit me that I was doing things for him all the time, stuff he could do for himself. So I started telling him he would have to do it, he didn't like that and would get made. Now he minds me better and listens to me. I love to play webkinz with him....he's like me and loves animals. From the time I was little I have told my mom and dad that when I get older and move out Jonathan is coming with me. They laugh and say what will your husband say, I told them that if he wants me than Jonathan is also part of the deal. Stubborn and all I love him so much.


JennyH said...

Cute pictures. I can imagine him as stubborn! Max is also very stubborn.

sherri said...

My duaghter has said the same thing and she is now married and she still means it.