Saturday, October 18, 2008

31 for 18... Rebekah's day

Jonathan & I at the Memphis Zoo, Sept. 2008
I have always loved Jonathan, tried to watch out for him. Recently my mom says I baby him to much, maybe I do. I guess that's why if he has gotten into trouble or if he is arguing with one of our brothers he runs to me. Knowing I will yes, baby him...I say it's just loving him up :) Jonathan really likes to watch what all of us older kids are doing and tries to do the same. Sometimes he does it just like us other times he doesn't, and then laughs at himself. We will laugh too, but at times that will hurt his feelings....we have to be careful of what is funny to him. Jonathan is a great brother he is funny, giving, loving, and SPECIAL !
The other picture is of Jonathan and I last Christmas, trying to sing christian songs.


JennyH said...

He is lucky to have such sweet sisters!

sherri said...

I loved this post!
I had a guest poster on my blog too, the big sister.
I just found your blog so will read on now.