Thursday, October 23, 2008

31 for 23

October 1999

Jonathan had just learned to sit up and sit up well. As you can see he has his hands on his legs for stability and support. He was so proud of himself.

Being young with our first 4 children we watched as "they" learned and conquered each milestone, taking it at times like a grain of salt. All the time loving the fun of watching them grow and explore. Then Jonathan came and our roles changed "WE" learned about each new milestone, and how to help him achieve and conquer them. Never before had we thought about a baby learning to keep his arms midline and the technique in order to help him do it. Nor did we ever know that this was even a skill that would need to be taught...our others just did it, without praise of recognition. Jonathan again was opening our eyes to the vast world of learning and learning on a whole new playing field, one we had never been on before. Over the past 10 years we are still learning along with Jonathan that what seems to be natural to some isn't to everyone....there are many little steps along the way before some skills are mastered. Here is a list of some of those fisrt skills.....

*head control






*walking up & down inclines



*riding a bike
The list above are all things Jonathan has mastered (he is still working on the ones in black). These are gross motor skills and this list has over 100 activities to help master them. We never knew all the fine details that went into what most see as natural to everyone. Each time Jonathan would work on a new skill our eyes would open again to all work and effort that goes into the mastery. What a wonderful privilege it has been to see life in a new fine detail!
Jonathan now has many more list he is working on, the top of our list being language/communication....UGH! Some days I see this as the thorn in mine and Jonathan's side :( With much effort, work, and PRAYER I know in time it will come....if it doesn't I know it's not for lack of trying :)
We look at milestones very differently now, not just as a grain of salt.
We "ALL" now cheer and applaud!!!


The Pauls' said...

It must be encouraging for Jonathan to have such a big cheering section!

I am so enjoying learning more about the journey you have been on (and are on) over the years with Jonathan!

Sunny said...

What a cute picture. I know what you mean about learning about all the milestones. Since Antalya is my first I don't know any different. But I remember seeing some of her little friends learn to clap and I made such a big deal about it that I think their parents thought I was so weird. They just took it for granted that their child learned to clap, where I had been thinking about it and trying to encourage it for months.

sherri said...

You said it the same way I have thought it. I think it's a miracle that my other kids learned so many things naturally after working so hard with Tyler to learn the most seemingly simple things. It's actually great to appreciate the little things now.

I'm happy you stopped by to visit. I added you to my bloglines so I can keep up with our family.

Laura said...

I just love all of the pictures and stories that you are posting of Jonathan! He's such a cutie and I'm sure he's as sweet as he is cute! Way to go for accomplishing that whole big list!