Monday, October 27, 2008


This is Jonathan the day (night) he came home from the hospital. He was released around 8PM, and my mom kept the kids up to see him. We arrived home around 9PM, they were all so excited. The kids had only seen Jonathan 2 times before this, because of him being in NICU. Madison had a cold and ear infection so he had only seen him 1 time. You can see Madison's hand on the table in the picture, he was very curious about who was in the car seat.

Here Elizabeth is holding Jonathan for the second time. She doesn't look to excited, I think she was tired and maybe a little nervous. My kids don't like this picture they say he looks plastic, or dead. I think he looked precious!

This is Jonathan the next day laying on the floor, so the kids could all lay around him to see him. He was 4.9 lbs. when he came home from the hospital, even the preemie outfits were way to big. The drain tube and clamp were from his stomach and had to left in for 2 more weeks. YES, it was a big pain. The clamp would often times come off causing his to lose what food was in his tummy. This seemed to always happen right after he was feed, so then he was hungry again. The yucky mess wasn't the biggest problem or that he needed to be feed again. The problem was that not only did be lose his food but the bile too. We learned quickly that even if his tummy was hungry we had to wait at least another hour to a hour and a half to feed him. If, we fed him right away he would get painful stomach cramps from not having the bile to help break down the breast milk he had taken in. The crying from hunger was easier to deal with than the crying from the cramping. The good news was he didn't have to wait 2 weeks to have the drain tube remove only 11 days, the bad news was it was removed early because it got a nasty infection around it. Jonathan has VERY sensitive skin. It still amazes me all that Jonathan has gone through, and has endured. I'm so thankful he has always been in God's hands!
For with God nothing shall be impossible.
Luke 1:37 KJV


Kerri said...

Oh, poor Jonathan! That tube took me back to my Jedidiah's first 6 weeks with his g-tube. NOTHING like Jonathan had to go through (as a baby I mean, because I know he has a g-tube also). I just love your family! I loved your garbage post! THat is too funny, and sad-that those men would be so mad. Amazing! Now I know you are doing and have done a gazzilion things for/with Jonathan so I feel silly even asking this....have you all tried sign language with him? I am assuming you have, but thought I would throw it out there. My cousin, who has Down's, used sign language till he was about 5 before he really took of talking.
THose cookies sound way too yummy! You'll have to send some my way :-) I think I need some.


Christina said...

Kallie and Jonathan were right about the same size! So tiny...I can't even imagine how small she was now(trying to picture it). Amazing that they let us leave the hospital with babies that were SO small!

Anna said...

Nice to 'meet' you! Thank you for the comment! I don't know if you ever saw pictures, but I was actually Brian's prom date his senior year of high school (he was my date at my prom the year before as well).

I like your blog too! My husband and I are looking to home school our children (we don't have any yet), too. I couldn't help but notice the My Special K's link. . . I've actually been following that blog after seeing it on a different blog ( Small world!

Michelle said...

oh my goodness he was just so tiny and precious!