Friday, October 3, 2008

31 for 3

Jonathan LOVES the pool and swimming.

This is the first year that Jonathan has really
been swimming. He has always had a very big
fear of the pool. In years past he would sit on
the swing outside for hours watching the family
swim. Year after year we tried coaxing him into
the pool, with no luck....most often making his fear
worse. He then would retreat back into the house
his safe haven. This summer was a different
story. Jonathan came to where we store the swim-
suits, seeking to find one....all along pointing at
the pool. We all just watched to see what he was
going to do. He put on his swimsuit and stepped
right down into the pool. This was a moment ALL
of us had been waiting years for. By the end of the
summer he was jumping off the side, swimming from
side to side in the shallow end...UNDER the WATER,
opening his eyes. We are so proud of him.

He still has a great fear of the water....even now. He

likes to swim in the shallow on his terms, not being

touched by anyone. If, we touch him panic overcomes

him, his eyes scream, then so does the rest of him,
he becomes ridged, and it's hard to console him. This isn't
Jonathan's nature at all, he is normally VERY calm and quite.
One day we know he will swim and play with us, for now
we are trilled he enjoys the pool on his terms.

Hope you are enjoying getting to know Jonathan better.

It's been a long day glad I got this post in :)

Please forgive the look of this post, I'm to tired to fix it :(


Anita Ann said...

What an awesome post. I have a son who has Autism and loves water when he is left to himself.

Mrs. Tara said...

YEAH for Jonathan! I didn't know he had overcome this fear of water..... even on his own terms that is great! I am so proud of him. Tell him I would like to know how his elephant is doing?

JennyH said...

Max just got 'into' water really this summer. Very cute picture of him in the pool.