Thursday, October 30, 2008

31 for 30


Dr. Jonathan opened his practice on October 21st, the evening of his 10th birthday party. He has treated "ALL" our family, even some of us who didn't want it! He examinations are impeccable, yet often times I question his seems we always end up getting a shot or blood being drawn. He smirks while administering shots, finding pleasure in it, yet he is gentle.

His lovely nurse often times helps him "capture his prey" I mean... assist his patients. The are a real team, running many patients through in minutes. There isn't any waiting in Dr. Jonathan's office, he's on the ball, hopping from one patient to another never taking any breaks. This is from YEARS of experience...truly!

In recent days we have wondered if Dr. Jonathan is growing weary of his practice. I think he may want to go into another field of work....animals (Webkinz). Yes, I believe he may have seen his last human patient, and is moving on to animals with greener pun intended...heehee! We are free, free at last...just kidding!
I'm so happy he has a great imagination, and loves to use it...all the time on his family!


sherri said...

this is cuter than cute! I do hope he is as successful in his new profession.

JennyH said...

He makes one cute doctor!

Michelle said...

Now that would be a dr I don't think Kayla would mind seeing!