Saturday, October 4, 2008

31 for 4

Jonathan all hooked up and ready for bed, showing thumbs up!

Life for Jonathan isn't always easy. I was thinking about a really bad day he had this past spring. It was on April 21 check it out. I know how much we love Jonathan and feel the need to protect, love, and keep him safe but.....I know his Heavenly Father loves him even more. On the good days and on the VERY bad days when you look into Jonathan's eyes you see an inner peace, one that only our Heavenly Father could give.
Did I mention....I love this kid!!!!


Sunny said...

That picture is so great!!! Thanks for the laugh. All I can say is I sure am glad Antalya hasn't had to wear a CPAP. After seeing the picture I can only imagine the trauma that would happen when we tried to put it on her face. Way to go Jonathon for wearing that mask!

By the way how is Jonathon's help. Has he been gaining more weight?

JennyH said...

Looks like he has no problem with it at all! That's good.