Wednesday, October 8, 2008

31 for 8

Jonathan Fall 1999
This was our kid crew fall of 1999.
Throughout the years we have had mixed comments about Jonathan,
some positive some not. We have also had mixed comments about our
family size, that I can deal with. Comments about Jonathan truly get to me.
After 10 years you would think I wouldn't mind, but it hurts. As he and the
other children are getting older I can't shelter them as often as I did in the past,
from rude inappropriate comments. Here is the comment that tops my list.
You may not see it as a big deal, this is what they say......
"You know Jonathan "REALLY" does look like your family"!
This statement from the first time I heard it made me upset. What were they trying
to say? Maybe they were trying to comfort us because Jonathan has DS, in telling us
he looks like our other children. Hoping to console us in fear we were embarrassed. I'm
not really sure why people do this, maybe it's because they aren't comfortable with
Jonathan having DS. Or they haven't ever been around anyone with DS. I also think
over the years DS has been stereotyped, with the thinking that they all look alike, are
happy all the time, love to hug everyone, don't show emotions or feelings well, etc.
All of these things are FALSE!
What would I like to say to the person who makes this my flesh nature
I'd say............
" I know can you believe he looks like us and our kids, since he was dropped down to
earth by aliens" OK, that's what I'd like to say since their statement makes no
sense either. What I say is "yes I know, your children favor you a lot as well" and I leave
it at that. This is one of those times to just leave it with little said. I do know that people
mean well, but there are times when saying nothing is best :)
Jonathan looks very much like Arthur, Rebekah, and William.
I'm so happy he looks like our family....heehee!


Michelle said...

wow I can't believe people actually say that! Of course he looks like your family; he's from the same genes!

Theresa said...

That is just so hurtful. He is beautiful, just like all of your gifts from God!

Thank you for sharing your son and all of your children with me. You make me want to be a better mom.

Love Theresa