Saturday, October 11, 2008

31 for 21....day11...Wesley's day

Jonathan and Me (Wesley)
My Mom said that today I'm suppose to tell you something about Jonathan but, I'm a man of many single words. I have put a few words together like....NO Stop!....You Rock! So I'll go from there.
My mom says that I'm the only little brother Jonathan has treated like "the little brother" he tries to help me with toys, and watch out for me. Just the other day I was getting into mischief and he came to my side and looked at me signed "NO" and then "Stop" he said it at the same time. (I guess that's where I get the words from) My mom was so proud of Jonathan, she called everyone to see what Jonathan had just done. All the time I thought it was me being cute again, until the attention went to "Johnny" ( I guess I need to tell everyone we call Jonathan, Johnny but, ONLY our family does this)
On Johnny's birthday the other night he was given a stuffed schnauzer dog, everyone wanted to see it after it was opened. Johnny didn't want to let it go, until he saw me and he handed it right over. I should have said my other words to him then "YOU ROCK" because I LOVE Johnny!


Theresa said...

Sweet, just sweet!

Michelle said...

aaww, what a sweet relationship you guys have!

sherri said...

I love this!