Thursday, October 9, 2008

31 for 21....OCTOBER 9th....Jonathan's Birthday


From birthday 1 to birthday 10, the time seems to have gone by so fast. Jonathan has accomplished so much, working hard to achieve his goals. Goals that to you or I seem so small, everyday task at times seem like mountains. Over the past 10 years Arthur, the 4 older children and myself have been his support, helping him along the way. When Jonathan was 23 months old James was born and 3 other siblings after. Following suite with the rest of us they to offer support, encouragement, and cheering as he accomplishes things. Many times Jonathan has mastered a task that one of his younger siblings is as mastering at the same now with his writing and sounds. Funny how your view changes when you have a child with DS, pinching a cheerio becomes a big deal and WORTHY of PRAISE. So now we see how even the small stuff, can be a BIG task in the world of DS. Today when I told Jonathan he is now 10, he pointed at himself and said "ME"! His speech is very poor and vocabulary very small, he never could say 9. When someone would how old he was he would up his fingers, proud to show his age. While talking with him today I said "you can say 10" and he did. It's not real clear, but with his 10 fingers I'm sure he'll get his point across. I'm so happy he is our child and that he is 10 !
Happy Birthday Jonathan!


The Pauls' said...

Happy Birthday Jonathan.
Being 10 is a lot of fun (like I remember:) Caleb will be 10 on the 27th of Oct. You are almost twins!

Mommy to those Special Ks said...


Laura, we are thinking about coming to Chattanooga next week for Fall break. Are you guys available to hang out? What day works best for you?

tlstaz6543 said...

Aww, tell my fellow October birthdayer..(yea, I know, not a word except for this instance) that I said Happy Birthday, give him a great big hug for me and tell him I love him!!

Theresa said...

Wow, I didn't know Jonathan and Amanda are the same age. Cool. I hope it was a wonderful day!

I have fallen behind on the house, and the computer...blogs and carepages. I have some catching up to do this weekend.

I guess I need to get use to being least for the 1st year in daycare.

Love T

JennyH said...

Happy 10th birthday!