Sunday, October 26, 2008

Baking Cookies 31 for 26

Friday night Elizabeth wanted to bake some cookies with William and Jonathan. The cooking started out good with William acting silly, holding on the Jonathan to stay on the stool. Or maybe he wasn't really holding but pulling :)

Elizabeth wanted to cut out the sugar cookies and put icing on them. The only problem was the dough was to wet and sticking to the pin. Here the boys are trying to see how she was going to solve the problem, at this point being still and quite.

This is were Wesley stayed in the doorway behind the baby gate. If, you knew Wesley this was the best place for him to be. Although we are seeing less and less of Mr. Destruction these days, the gate ensures safety for everyone :)

Now at this point Elizabeth is still working toward a dough that can be cut out. William I believe had given up and was on to more fun sliding in the floor. Jonathan remained by her side, but often times distracted....wonder why? Could be a silly brother :)
William makes it back to the stool with Jonathan and stands a few more minutes. Elizabeth is getting frustrated with the dough texture and her inability to be able roll it, she's wanting my help. William seeing she is frustrated and that he is really wanting cookies says "Elizabeth you want me to do it"? To this we all laughed. After the laughter Jonathan saw Elizabeth was getting upset he put his arm around her and said "aw SIS". Jonathan is so sensitive and always there to love and encourage.
I put the camera down and helped. Elizabeth cut the cookies out and they iced them. They turned out great. I don't think I mentioned that Elizabeth is a perfectionist, so that's were the frustration came from. Whatever she does she puts 100% into it, never gives up, and wants to finish what she starts. These are all great qualities, but boy it makes me tired sometimes...I wouldn't change it for the world!


sherri said...

I also see a very patient sister and that is cool. What sweet pictures.

Jennifer said...

so glad you document these everyday moments. they are what makes life so beautiful. you really see your children... wh they really are. what a sweet, loving, supportive family you have.

Michelle said...

what a great pictorial on something as "simple" as making cookies! How sweet that her brothers wanted to lighten her mood; although I can certainly understand her frustration - I'm the same way!

Sunny said...

Looks like fun. I can feel Elizabeth's pain. I spent the day baking 12 dozen sugar cookies for our Ds support group Halloween party. It took me several dozen before I finally figured out what the dough needed to not be such a sticky mess!