Friday, October 10, 2008

Heading to Nicaragua.....

Elizabeth and I are leaving for Managua, Nicaragua tomorrow, this will be our 4th trip there. We have been 3 times together, last year she went and I didn't, Arthur and I went spring of 2006 and she didn't. Amanda has been once in fall 2005, and would like to go again. One day I'd like for our whole family to go. I'm REALLY going to miss them :( The picture below is from the orphanage.
This is a picture of Elizabeth and Jami from last year, she is also going this year. In the past the trip has been medical, dental, working in schools, churches, and the orphanage. In past we have had 12 team members or more. This time it's a small group just 5 of us, working on a smaller scale but........trusting HIM we will be used in a mighty way! The picture below is of Elizabeth in front of the church we will be attending.

While we are there our sweet friends Mike and TARA will be having a few meetings about the adoption of these 2 sweet little girls. You may remember a post about them awhile back asking for prayer. While we are in Nicaragua we will be spending some time with Jessica and Josselin. You can follow their adoption blog HERE .

I hope to post each day about our trip while in Nicaragua...THANKS to AMANDA and her laptop!
Yes, I still like my big desk computer best, so the laptop might be a challenge for me. Arthur and Amanda are going to give me a laptop 101 lesson tonight :) We would appreciate your prayers for us as we travel, and for the family we leave at home.


Beth said...

Safe travels to you on your journey! Thoughts and prayers are with you!!

Michelle said...

sending you prayers as you go through this journey!