Monday, October 6, 2008

How much are adults like children?

This morning William said the prayer before breakfast. As fast as AMEN came out of his mouth he was saying "Johnny did have is eyes closed during the prayer". Madison quickly came along side and ask William how he knew. William just gave a shrug, with a puzzled look of innocence. Madison then told all the boys that we should all close our eyes during the prayer, and not look at others. We should worry about our own eyes, and not our brothers.

Aren't we as adults the same way? In life we are constantly looking at others, judging what they are doing, saying, and how they look. Not taking the time to see the many sins and flaws that we ourselves have. Why is it so much easier to see others flaws, like the speck in their eye? I truly believe it's because we get so caught up in the worlds views, clicks, and trends. When we are looking to all of these things, then we take our sights off of HIM. That's when we ourselves have the plank in our eye, it's easy to fall prey to this vicious cycle. It's one thing to be a witness, it's another thing to be the judge. Each of us are on a journey in life some seeking the things of the world, other seeking HIM. Even those of us who are seeking HIM are in different legs of our journey....... crawling, baby steps, walking, jogging, and running. I've learned that wearing blinders to this world makes the journey much easier. Seeking HIM with the blinders on you are able to stay focused on HIM. Then the steps in your journey with HIM become a little faster, and your relationship much deeper.

I was proud of Madison for stepping up to guide his brothers, without any prompting from me. This also showed me how much Madison is growing up, he's a wonderful big brother.

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JennyH said...

SO true! Madison sounds like a great older sibling!