Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I've been tagged...& ..31 for 21...day29

I was tagged "several days ago" by Sunny for Down to Life.


5 Things I was doing 10 years ago (OCTOBER 29).......

1 I woke to another day away from home. I was staying at Ronald McDonald House, while Jonathan was in NICU.

2 I spent the morning with Jonathan, holding, feeding, and rocking him.

3 I left at lunch so the doctors could make rounds, I ate in the waiting room alone and called Arthur.

4 After rounds I went back in for more loving, and was told the doctors said Jonathan could go home. I was shocked, to say the least.They had made no indication that it would be today or soon. We didn't have to do the overnight stay in the hospital with him. They said since I had been there everyday(from the day Jonathan was born I stayed with him, I never went back home. We live 40 minutes from the hospital,I wasn't going home until he did), they felt comfortable with us taking him home. I think they were ready to get rid of me. I would walk over to the hospital in the morning and only go back to RMH for dinner. Then I'd go back for the evening, between 11:30 and 12AM they would tell me they could handle it for the night. The nurses would call security(not to throw me out but for safety getting back to RMH, well that was their story) and they would drive me back to RMH. It was torture for me to leave him.

5 The BEST part of October 29, 1998 was being home as a family. With ALL 7 of us together, we were complete. I only saw my other 4 children 2 times while at what a sweet homecoming it was!

This was Jonathan the day before he came home from the hospital.

5 things on my to do list today

1 Call Apria Healthcare to order Jonathan a new CPAP mask.

2 Call about Arthur's insurance, they are trying to cancel it...UGH! It took us forever to get him some insurance, because of the cancer. He really needs the insurance he has a endoscopy on Friday the 31st, and more test on Nov. 5th....the insurance game is a vicious cycle.

3 Grind wheat before dinner for sweet potato biscuits...YUM!

4 Make deposits for the store, but first I need to clean out the roll top desk. Love the desk it hides lots until you open it ( Arthur likes it clean) I like to just put the bills in and close it...heehee Good thing he's in control!

5 Call my friend DeeDee back (sorry) I'm pretty sure her and a few of my other friends are about to give up on me. (I never called, so sorry!)

5 favorite snacks

1 Coffee...does that count?

2 Chips and salsa

3 Coffee with cream

4 Cheez its

5 that a sin?

5 jobs I've had

1 Groomer...obviously

2 Vet tech

3 YMCA after school care

4 Wal-Mart cashier (3 months...yuck!)

5 Olan Mills, I sold pictures...6 months. Truly I'm not a sales person, did I ever mention I'm spineless. ( but I can stand up for my kiddos) Not a good quality in a sales person, the customers ran over me. opposites do attract because Arthur is a born salesman...not like car a salesman...ouch.. hope not to offend. Really he could as the saying goes, sale ice to an Eskimo. People just like him, he is a people person and I'm well happy at his side :) That was random, sorry!

5 things I'd do with a million dollars

1 Give to missions.

2 Give to the baby orphanage.

3 Pay off our house.

4 help out our family members.

5 Buy a RV and travel with my family, witnessing along the way. Really in this day and age I'm not sure a million dollars would go that far, but that's the order I'd do it in.

5 things that made me laugh this week.

1 Wesley dancing in the cute!

2 William telling me he wants to be a clown when he grows up, he wants to walk the tight rope. What stuck me so funny is Rebekah also wanted to be a clown when she was little, and their so much alike. She wanted to be a clown to make kids laugh.

3 Rebekah she makes me laugh ALL THE TIME, she really is funny and fun to be around. Rebekah is a clown!

4 Stephen getting into the hot tub, he dove in from the was his first time. He used it as a swimming pool.

5 Watching the girls pile in Arthur's "car" this morning to sit together to stay warm on the way to the store. Then watching Arthur get in, it was a tight squeeze...the "car" is a story for another post...

5 people I tag

1 Christine

2 Kerri

3 Tara

4 Laura

5 Rosalie

Ladies if you like me and can't do the tag, really no big deal. I still have 2 more to do from the past...never enough time in the day.If anyone else wants to join in feel free, let me know if you do.

Like I said never enough time, I'm posting very late just to get this one in. 2 days left on the 31 for 21...I'm worn out but glad we did it! Don't look for me to post this much until next October.


Sunny said...

What a special day today 10 yrs ago was. Jonathon was an absolute doll, and I especially love his shirt in the baby pictures.

Good luck with the insurance. Working with insurance companies is always such a nightmare.

the brian king kenobi said...

i think i would have listed coffee in all five of my favorite snack spaces.

and i agree that something written to the other extreme--a fascist sort of mccain regime with compulsory church attendance or something of the sort--would be equally ridiculous. i would have probably made a post about how silly that was, too.

i was just disappointed, and a little horrified, because i'm sure he has a significant influence over a number of people--a number of people who do not know enough about the world or the american political system to know that most of those things are impossible.

i just didn't think writing that was a very responsible--or Christ-like--thing to do, so i wrote about it.

Michelle said...

I enjoyed reading these different things about you! Joe and I want to have an RV and travel around the states one of these years :)