Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Jonathan & Stephen's Birthday (31 for 21..day 28)

Jonathan and Stephen's birthdays are one week apart, Jonathan's being on the 9th and Stephen's on the 16th. They are 4 years and 7 days apart in age. Since Stephen's second birthday they have had their birthday party together. In the past I would make 2 cakes and we would have 2 themes.

This year was a little different. The boys had a safari theme, one they both could agree on. It was much easier for me too :) My my boys are into Webkinz, so that's were the theme came from. They play zoo, Vet, take safaris, fight the animals (a boy thing) and pair them up in teams for football, baseball, and soccer. Got to love imagination! I bet you thought they liked them because of the website. Well, Madison does he doesn't play with them to much. Truth be known Amanda and Rebekah love the website, they get on it a couple times a week. They like to say the boys want to, but I know differently.

Another reason I think the boys are enjoying the animals is to due to the fact that we are studying about animals in Science this year. We are loving Exploring Creation with Zoology 3 . It's a wonderful in depth study of land animals of the 6th day, written with a Biblical worldview. I have learned as much as my children. Off to do todays lesson :)


sherri said...

You just have to love the looks on their faces!
We have not gotten into Webkinz in this house but we don't need one more thing to get into...lol
I can see where it is easier on you to have the same theme, though. It's great that you will do what they want, though, and I bet they remember that when they are older. Hopefully now there will be more times that they are together on the theme.

Sunny said...

Happy Birthday boys. The cake is darling. I especially love how they have their own set of candles on different sides of the cakes. Hope you had a great time celebrating.

JennyH said...

That is a great cake. good idea about the theme- it's a good 'shared' one. We have our kids b-day parties together. Hopefully none of them fight over themes as they get older.

Hope the cake was yummy!!