Sunday, October 12, 2008

Nicaragua Sunday morning....

These are 3 pictures from the backside of the mission house, you can see we have a wonderful view and some animals, too. It's very HOT!!!! typical of Nicaragua. The plane trip here was a little eventful.....but we made it in one piece. Elizabeth is back in her element, she loves Nicaragua.

This morning we attended the missions church. It's an open air church, at Nicarauga Christian Academy. This a school that some of the missions children attend.

We are 2 hours behind our time at home. After lunch we are going to be going to the orphanage. I always look forward to the seeing the children and their smiling faces. This week we are going to try to go to an orphanage that only has babies.....hoping to give some cuddles and rocking. We haven't ever been to this orphanage, I hope we can go. It will be hard to see babies that don't get moma love daily but, if for one day we can give them some extra will be great.
Here I sat last night thinking about my sweet kiddos/baby at home without me for a week, and it broke my heart. My kiddos and I are missing one week of time and love together......I can't imagine what life would be without my kiddos OR without my kiddos having love. How blessed we are!
Being in Nicaraugua again is truly a reality check! On the first trip here my life was forever changed, each time I come back I see something new and am given new insight. How thankful are we really??? As I have said before by American standards we may not look like we are rich. But, AGAIN I say my riches aren't of worldly value !
I love you guys at home....Arthur, Amanda, Rebekah, Madison, Jonathan, James, Stephen, William & Wesley

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JennyH said...

beautiful pictures. praying for a safe trip. Have a great time while there.