Friday, October 17, 2008

Nicaragua...we're heading home

Elizabeth playing with 2 little sweethearts.
Yesterday we spent the morning at the orphange...the baby orphange. They had 32 children (they normally have more) 3months up to 6years old. We played with the walkers, then we helped feed the babies lunch. I can't tell you what a tremedous blessing this was. I feel as though I recevied MUCH more than I gave.....each of these children are precious. It was a honor and priviledge to be able to work in this orphange.

This was the toddler play area. This orphanage is different than the others we have worked in, not because it just has small children. This orphange isn't government funded, it has private funding raised in the USA. It is much nicer than the others, yet when we showed up with a bag full of A&D diaper ointment they were was an answered prayer. They had just ran out. Pretty much everything that we consider to be a need is VERY costly here in Nicaragua. We have found the only thing that isn't costly is food....well compared to the states. Considering the average annual income for Nicaragus is around $385, everything is costly to the people of Nicaragua. This is why poverty is EVERYWHERE here, and why so many children end up in the orphange.

On a MUCH lighter note, look at this cute little boy.....what a sweet face! Well, see his sweet little hand, he just wanted to see the camera a little bit closser. He did and then the camera didn't work again. All the children loved to see their pictures after they were taken so, I would turn it around to show them. I believe between me and this sweet little boy we did a number on the no longer works :( I was so very sad thinking I wouldn't get anymore pictures the rest of the trip. Mike has saved the day with his camera and I have uploaded them on Miss Amanda's laptop. Now when I get home I can create a slide week :) I still ahve lots to share about this trip. Each mission trip I have been on God has done a work in me and my heart. Each time I grow in HIM and can say I'm never the same as before.

This trip has been such a blessing. We will be flying out of Nicaragua at 8AM their time, 10AM our time at home. We will arrive in Atlanta at 1:45 pm, then a 2 hour ride home from there. I think we'll make it home by supper...YAY!!!!! Supper with my sweet husband whom I've missed soooo very much and my children who I want to squeeze....all 9 of them together! Even though Elizabeth was with me it's not the same as when we are all home together as a family unit/team.....The Munck Crew!


Sunny said...

Isn't it amazing when we can see the Lord work through us. I love the example of the diaper cream. When we are serving Him, He always finds a way to magnify everything we do. Travel safely. I'm sure it will be so wonderful to be back home

JennyH said...

It would be bitter sweet to leave. It is hard to believe how the people survive on so little money. So glad you got to hang out with the little kids and babies.

can't wait to see more of your pictures.