Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Nicarauga...the school

This is the school at San Judas, a Panama school. They have 765 students and 24 teachers. This is the school that last years team worked with. Tara, Mike, And Jami were here last year and can see many improvements. The community church that we are also working with has invested much time in the school also.

The director, teachers, and students were very excited to see us visit. We went around to each of the classrooms and spoke with the children. The younger children ask many questions, and enjoyed hearing about winter and snow.....not that we see much more than a flurry in our part of Tennessee.

Here are 2 precious girls in the preschool program, they were very shy.

This year we were able to bring each teacher a backpack filled with school supplies.

This is where the children can get snacks, it's in the center of the school courtyard. The cooking area is very primative.

All the childern must have a uniform to attend school. a lot of children don't start school until they are older and can afford a uniform. They have 16 year olds in 4th grade, life in Nicaragua is very hard. Most of these children haven't ever been outside there community a few miles radius. I can't imagine only knowing life as these children do.....a life of poverty without much hope. I pray these children see "hope" in Jesus.


JennyH said...

I love hearing about and seeing where your at. I'm sure you are touching many lives!!

Sunny said...

I love hearing about your experience in Nicaragua. And how wonderful that you have been able to share the experience with your daughter. I would love to hear more about it. Does your church run the orphanage? If not, how did you get connected with the orphanage?
PS Do you speak spanish?

Christina said...

That is so cool Laura!!! What an experience for you and your family!!

Christine said...

Laura, It sounds like you guys are having a great time. Are you guys open to taking other people the next time you go? I know al about holding babies and would love to talk to you and Tara about your next visit. Or is this a personal trip for you guys?
Christine @ Live to Learn

Michelle said...

what an experience that must have been. I'm sure the teachers were so appreciative of the backpack full of school supplies. Thanks for sharing this journey with us!