Friday, October 3, 2008

Stephen's Prayer

The other night before bed Stephen ask if he could be the one to pray. I told him "yes" and he began to pray, it went like this........

Lord thank you for our day, and our house.
I liked supper today and our snack.
Help Grammy with her legs to walk and help Nonnie's eyes.
Thank you for Doggie Doos.
Be with Daddy, Momma, Lizzie, Manda, Bekah,
Madison, James, and Johnny.
God please be with Wesley, Me (Stephen), and William....
Please God put a heal on us, so we can be be Christians.

In his mind he feels like he, William, and Wesley need a healing to become Christian. We pray so often for people to be healed of their sickness, I guess that's where the heal came from. We often talk about when Christ came into someones life and cleansed them. I thought this was very sweet but....... we have more explaining to do about becoming a Christian, and asking Jesus Christ to be Lord of your life.


JennyH said...

So sweet. He's trying his best!

Mrs. Tara said...

You know what- Stephen has the first concept- he realizes he has a need for something other than himself! The first step is realizing you have a need for Jesus that you can not "save" yourself.

Theresa said...

That so touched my heart. I love to hear what children say about God.

Thinking of you.

Love T