Saturday, October 25, 2008

You know your a large family when....

Do you remember my last
LARGE FAMILY post. I'm feeling a theme here. I could give you a list of things that come to mind when someone speaks of a large family, and I thought about that. After much thought I'm not going to do that. Instead from time to time I'm going to post stories from our family that remind us we are a large family.
Now for the story.....

Trash pickup is Tuesday in our neighborhood. This means on Monday evening Madison and James are to take all the trash cans out to the road. This past Monday night we finally celebrated Jonathan and Stephen birthday (pictures to come) so the trash didn't make it to the road. Tuesday morning came and we were cleaning up from breakfast when I here squeaking was the trash men....Ugh!!! The trash runs somewhere between
7AM and 8 AM......we missed them *sigh* This isn't wasn't good :( You see the picture above of the trash can, well think of 5 of those full and 2 partially full....YES, we have 7 trash cans. All I could think was 6 more days before they return. Then it kind of stuck me funny, I bet those trash guys were so HAPPY to pass our house's why.

The week before Elizabeth and I left for Nicaragua I was out on the side deck when the trash men came (this area has a wooden privacy fence). I was cleaning out a storage bin of play shoes, when I heard the truck pull in front of our house. I just keep sorting until I heard some profanity being used VERY loudly. I stood up and looked out toward the road, seeing one trash man yelling at the other one. I thought this is awful, glad my kids had just gone back inside. That's when it hit me they weren't mad at each other but at OUR FAMILY! The man yelling was the guy who collects the trash to put into the truck, the other man was the driver who had to get out and help. They were both very mad that we had sooooo many trash cans (that's putting it nicely).....REALLY! We have always laughed/joked and thought they probably didn't like us because of all the stinky diapers, not because of the 7 cans....who knew?!

Later that morning when Madison and James were out gathering the trash cans, I looked down our street. We live on a very quite street, with very little through traffic. The homes are older and most of our neighbors are newly retired or very elderly. I looked up one side of the street and back down the other, noticing ALL the houses just had 1 trash can, even the few homes with children. Again this was a reminder we are a large family!!!!!

Side note: we are thinking about going back to cloth diapers....won't the trash men be happy :)


Lyndi said...

I thought we went through alot of trash, using 3 trash cans, and usually an overflow pile. I can't even imagine where 7 cans would even fit at our house!

Mrs. Tara said...

You make me laugh! We are about to purchase our 2nd trash can. We honestly can not figure out how 2 people have so much trash. It has gotten a little better since I started recycling.
Missed you last night. Hope all went well.

Christine said...

7 is insane! We are fortunate to have the trash guys come pick up our waste twice a week. We put out on average 3 cans a week. But you should see my recycling stash! Recycling really did cut our trash by half.
We are starting to feel like a large family, now that everyone can't sit on a piece of furniture in our living room all at the same time!
Love reading your blog too by the way!
Christine @ Live to Learn

Theresa said...

We have two, sometimes three. But the men would always toss them and sometimes block my driveway. A couple of years ago, when Daniel was very little, we would stand in our bay window and wave to them. If we were outside we would yell thank you! They started placing our cans nicely. Two Christmas' in a row, we gave them a card and a gift...candy one year and Dunkin Donut gift cards the next. Then with our luck their route got changed and we haven't seen them since.
Oh well...

Sunny said...

I tagged you on my blog.