Friday, November 21, 2008

2 post in 1....Homeschool & Souvenirs

Saving time 2 post in one.......

This week I thought I'd set out to do a little craft with our science. The science that my boys are loving and can't get enough of, I spoke about it HERE . I truly think it's the awesome SCIENCE book/lessons that keeps them wanting's teaching truth, using also lots of scripture. OK, maybe it's also that I'm having lots of fun with it too:)

We made animal bag puppets, since we are studying animals of the 6th day. You can find these really cute puppets at Wal-Mart(aka Stuff Mart) in the craft section. They are put out by Martha Stewart . The whole line is very cute, and colorful. These aren't paper bags, but bags covered in fabric. They are pretty sturdy and will hold up well. In the above picture Stephen is putting together a tiger.

They are so easy and come with adhesive tape already in place. All you have to do is peel the paper off and follow the directions ...EASY! William at 4 made the lion and loved it. Yes, he thinks he's a big boy and always wants to do school, too. Truly making learning fun is key:)

Here is Madison, he assembled the bear. Even at 11 he still loves crafts! Because, it wasn't a challenge for him he was done rather quickly, which was good for me. I needed him to help me with the little guys. The only sad thing for Madison is the bags are a little on the small side. His hand goes in fine, but it's not real roomy.

Stephen was so proud of his tiger, and he should be. His tiger had more pieces that any of the others, and he ask for the least amount of help. Behind him on the counter you can see James' finished monkey.

The finished products! The puppets have put on several plays already. Madison directs the plays while the others are behind the puppets...lots of fun!!!


Remember when I spoke about how much the boys like Webkinz......HERE it goes with their science . It was on one of the same post as above. Well they still do enjoy them and their collection just keeps growing. I mentioned HERE that or kids have to purchase their own souvenirs when we go on vacation. Now you see what they came home with....sigh* Take them all the way to Florida and they purchase a Webkinz that they could have bought 3 miles down the road from our house....silly boys. The positive is I knew it was something they'd play with not just a one time fun idea. They also all came home with money left...YAY!

So here is the run down on who bought what.... Lt. -Rt.
*Mickey on top is Wesley's ....he really liked MimMi, so it was fitting he have a Mickey, NOT a Webkinz
*Clown fish is William's
*Eagle is Stephen's
* Manatee is Jonathan's (we saw one at Epcot and got to watch it eat, it was so neat)
*Husky is James'
*Cocker is Madison's (Wesley has taken over it, I believe Madison just wanted the code)
*Snowman is James' (YES, James got 2. It was his birthday on Thursday while in Florida and the husky was his present. He bought the snowman.)

As far as the rest of us and souvenirs...Arthur and I bought nothing, we aren't big stuff people. Elizabeth bought NOTHING to bring home, she did buy us ice cream at Animal Kingdom. Elizabeth is a penny pincher, and VERY good with money. Rebekah just bought another charm to place on her charm bracelet, Rebekah isn't a very big spender. Amanda also bought a charm and a couple of Christmas presents, that was a surprise. Amanda is a BIG spender and likes to give gifts and her money seems to go fast. So, I was very proud that she spent very little and also came home with money. The boys all just bought their Webkinz, except Madison he also bought one Christmas present.

I just had to show eveyone this picture of Wesley, not to show everyone how precious he looks when sleeping. I wanted you to see the poor baby is being slowly brainwashed into the Webkinz world. Take a close look under his little arm is a kangaroo Webkinz. He loves's soft and cuddly:) The bunny next to him is still his favorite, my mom bought it for him when he was born. He has slept with it every night since, it is now missing hair from him picking it out....their only small for such a short period of time.


JennyH said...

Cute picture of Wesley. Aren't all sleeping babies cute!!

I love hearing about your homeschooling. You should post more about it. Such as- how the heck you do it with little ones around and with everyone at different levels.

The puppets look good- they all did a really good job.

Michelle said...

those animal puppets are really cute, I bet Kayla would enjoy making them - especially since they are sturdier than a paper bag. Will have to look into that.

I think it's great the kids buy their own souvenirs!