Monday, November 3, 2008

James' Birthday Party

Tonight we celebrated James' 8th birthday. His birthday isn't until the 13th, but we will be out of town next week. It seems each year our family vacation falls on the week of James' birthday. You would think he would like this, but he doesn't enjoy having to wait to have his family party. So we decided to have his party early, I think he was pleased.

He really wanted the an animal theme like Jonathan and Stephen .Then when we were shopping he decided an ocean theme would be fun. This has also been great for me, it requires very little effort in decorating the cakes. The only problem was we couldn't find themed plates, so we settled on blue and James was thrilled! This was about the age that our kids stopped having themed birthdays, so this might be James last. We love birthdays.

James was very pleased to receive money from grandparents, and his aunt.

The big hit again was the Webkinz. He was given a reindeer from my niece Melissa. It was the one he had been wanting. All in all his birthday was a great success, and we all ate to much :)


Lyndi said...

All of the cakes you make are amazing! You have such a talent for that, I'm lucky to make a cake look etible. Happy Birthday James!

JennyH said...

Happy birthday day big guy! Glad you had a good party.

Theresa said...

I guess you have a lot of birthday parties. LOL.

Happy Birthday James.

Love T

The Pauls' said...

Happy birthday James.
Hope you have a great year being 8!

Michelle said...

happy early 8th birthday!