Monday, November 10, 2008

Memories Monday

Scheduled Post

This is Jonathan December 1999. He had just received his first set of hearing aids. They were bone conduction hearing aids and very bulky. The first few months he didn't mind wearing them, but as time went on he pulled them off constantly. It truly was a battle, and some days he won. In the first few days of Jonathan having his hearing aids we saw a change in him. It was very exciting, and also very heart breaking. He was now hearing a world that had been fairly quite, with only low shallow tones. The hearing aids brought him into a world of high pitch noise and back ground chatter, often times bringing Jonathan to tears, fearing the world around him. Even now at age 10 with a low tone hearing loss, noise bothers him. Often times covering his ears to bells, whistles, dogs barking, and children In the past several months I have thought about how sad this has always made me, because I want him to be happy and not have fear. As I sat and watched him one afternoon recently I noticed that "I" am the one who feels sad, not Jonathan. He is very happy in the world he lives in, even when fear of the worlds noises comes. Jonathan knows that he can come to Arthur, myself, or his siblings to help calm his fears. My prayer is one day he will be able to not just come to us, but his Heavenly Father. For I know his Heavenly father loves him more than any of us...and he will give a special peace to Jonathan.

Jonathan likes only one thing loud, it's a song we have on CD. Often times I have played this CD while driving home from Jonathan's doctors appointments. It's a CD by Twila Paris, and the song is Days of Elijah . This is one of my favorite songs, and I guess I've played it so much it's his too. We turn it up pretty loud and sing it together. I'm not a good singer and Jonathan well he doesn't even speak very well, the loud music drowns out our imperfections. Yet, I know we are making beautiful music to the Lord and He must be pleased. Now our secret is out, and I love this time in the van with my sweet singer :)


JennyH said...

Such a sweetheart!

Heather, Stan and the kids said...

Laura-our kids love this song too! I will have to share your story about Jonathon with the kids tomorrow. Thanks for sharing :) I am so thankful for your family (and your blog!!!)