Monday, November 17, 2008

Memories Monday


This was our first Thanksgiving at home. In years past we have always gone to my parents for Thanksgiving, 2006 was the year of a new tradition.

Elizabeth and Amanda took on the roll of preparing the turkey for his fry! It was a lot of fun to see the girls do this all by themselves, with little instruction.

Arthur is the chief turkey fryer, and he really looks forward to his part in our Thanksgiving feast.

This was me in 2006...pregnant with Wesley. I did very little cooking that Thanksgiving, my stomach didn't like smells to much. So, other than the pies and potatoes the girls cooked all of our Thanksgiving dinner that year.

This is the some of our meal on the serving table. The kids decorated and made everything look so festive.

The weather was nice that Thanksgiving so after our dinner we all went outside for some fun. The kids played in the leaves and we all took a walk.
I love Thanksgiving and am looking forward to celebrating next Thursday.


Lyndi said...

How wonderful that the kids help out so much. Everything on your table looked yummy!!

JennyH said...

how helpful about your girls!!

My parents fry the turkey too. It is so yummy.

Welcome Home!

Beth said...


Christina said...

My inlaws do a fried turkey too, I'm not into it too much but they and my husband sure do love it! I can't wait till my girls are old enough to help prepare a meal..they can help me some but not enough to do everything sanitary! LOL

Christine said...

I love the stage where I am now, lots of littles to love on,but I can't wait to pass off a task and just know that it will get done. I can just see my girls in the kitchen cooking too. Of course they will have to kick the boys out because they LOVE to cook.
Christine @ Live to Learn
(grateful for her crockpot and trying to ignore the "morning" sickness.)

Mrs. Tara said...

Oh, how sweet. Come to think of it I have never had fried turkey... Woman, I miss you. I mean I really, really miss you.

Sean and Lisa said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's always wonderful to "meet" new friends! You are incredibly blessed...just look at your precious family! Loved the Florida pics of each child and their name carved in the sand. Do you ever think about what it will be like when your kids are grown and they have children and they all come to visit for the holidays? Oh, I do and am so thankful God has blessed us 6 times over! We will have incredibly large family holidays and in my book, the bigger, the better!! :)