Monday, November 24, 2008

Memories Monday

This is James 4 years ago. It was November 13th, 2004 and his 4th birthday. This was our children's first trip to Disney...and mine too at the age of 32. Arthur had just finished his last round of chemo and this what we did to celebrate. Money was very tight our business had only been open for 1 year (on top of all the medical bills) and was just starting to take off. Many people blessed us in helping make this trip possible. We stayed at a good friends time share for under $300 for the week and one of my friends Dee Dee had tickets for one day at the park and one day at the water park left on her cards....and she gave them to us. (at that time they were a family of 7 and their tickets were such a help in the cost of our trip) Much has changed in the past 4 years and God has blessed our family and business. We feel blessed to have the store and pray daily that we'll be a light to shine for HIM while working. For we know the business truly belongs to HIM. So, now we continue to take our annual Disney trip. Each year we have been there on James' birthday, and each year we take his picture in a Disney birthday hat...we've never purchased one :)

This is James November 13, 2008.....on his 8th birthday. He has changed and so has the hat :)

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