Wednesday, November 19, 2008


This is what I saw coming down the hall after breakfast this morning. Wesley brought me a diaper and said "Moma STINKY"!

He stood and looked at me like ...PLEASE change me.

Then he proceeded to lay down on the cold dinning room floor, in hopes I'd change him quickly.

I did change him, but not on the cold dinning room floor. The poor baby has had so much diarrhea and GI issues in the past few months, I'm thinking potty training may not be so hard...wishful thinking :) Today was the first time he has gone and gotten a diaper on his own. I'm in no rush for potty training any time soon, Wesley is only 20 months. His age isn't the big factor it's that he is still having 3 to 4 diarrhea diapers a day. By far the BIGGEST factor is...who wants to do potty training in the winter??? Washing all those layers of warm winter clothing.....not fun. We'll hold off til spring/summer.....light weight clothes and warm days:)


Sunny said...

Poor Wesley. That doesn't sound like fun. I hope he gets feeling better soon. That is too cute that he went and got the diaper for you.

JennyH said...

How cute is that! He must of really wanted that new diaper!! What a sweetie. You have done a lot of potty training in your days. Maybe you could come PT Joe for me and then in another year or 2 come do it for Ike as well!! Better yet, I'll send them your way!

Just kidding! I do dread Potty training though!

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

OK how did I miss this?! LOL Yes, SOON!!! I need to find out when my kids get out of school for Christmas break.

Michelle said...

oh my gosh he is a cutie! You might not be ready for potty training, but it sounds like Wesley is! LOL that's great that he recognized he was "stinky" and brought you a diaper because he wanted to be changed NOW!