Thursday, November 6, 2008

Prayer Request...for cousin Michael

This is a picture of Arthur with some of his cousins, don't you love old pictures?! Arthur loves to tell stories to our kids about the fun times with his cousins, and their adventures at Grandma Amanda's house.
From Left to Right
Donnie, Arthur, Robbie, "MICHAEL", Dennis, & Philip (Arthur's brother)
This is a letter that was sent out Tuesday requesting prayer for Michael, written by Mary Ann Michael's sister.
I am asking that each of you please pray for my 47 year old brother Michael Parson whom will be undergoing surgery this coming Friday morning at Vanderbilt Hospital at 7:30 AM. Also, please pray for Dr. Kurt Eichholz, Neurosurgeon, that will be preforming the Revision Spine Surgery. The doctor will be removing the warped stainless steel screws and rod, and replacing them with a new rod and titanium screws. Michael had 3 back surgeries 15 years ago here in Chattanooga. For months Michael has been going through some unbearable pain to where the he was a t the point of wanting to take his own life. he is now crippled and at the point where the pain meds no longer work. Dr. Eichholz has given him a 98% chance of healing as long as he quits smoking, and only a 60% chance if he continues to smoke. So, lets also pray that his craving for nicotine goes away. I appreciate all your prayers.
Mary Ann
We'll be praying for you Michael!!!

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Michelle said...

Keeping Michael in my prayers!