Friday, November 7, 2008

Updates....on life in general

WARNING...this post is LONG......
It's FULL of family updates....

Well, we are still waiting to see what the insurance outcome is. On Wednesday, we canceled Arthur's doctor appointment and test. We are going to reschedule them when we find out about the insurance. This way we have a better idea of the cost, and what direction to take. Without this insurance Arthur will fall back into the nasty trap of being non insurable....sigh. We have done what we can and will leave it at Christ feet, insurance or not HE has always provided for ALL our needs.

Above is a picture of some precious kiddos in Nicaragua at the school. I truly haven't forgotten about doing a post on our wonderful trip. I have loads of pictures and really want to share them. I'm working on getting that posted, soon!

Did I mention we are leaving Saturday for vacation. The picture to the left is our van, I hope we pack the back a little differently this year.
I bet from the picture on the right you can guess where we're going. This trip is extra special, we were given a condo stay in as a Christmas present last year from 2 of our best friends. This is truly a blessing, we love you guys!!!!! We saved money for tickets last year and bought 7 day park tickets without an expiration, we still have 4 days left. So, this years trip will only cost food and gas...WhooHooo!!!!!! Glad gas prices have come way down. As far as food goes, well sounds silly but none of us like to eat out. (long ago we loved fast food, but now our tummies don't do fast food well) We save LOTS of money by cooking at the condo. It also doesn't hurt that my kids like PBJ, a few only like the PB part. This also helps for the one "nice" dinner we'll go out for..... on James' birthday. Wondering about souvenirs? All the kids get one, but they pay for their own.....did we just go into bad parent book? Really this helps teach them the value of money, and not to impulse shop. It works and we've been doing it for years, without any complaints.

We have been very busy since Elizabeth and I returned home from Nicaragua, and not enough time to post it all. The 31 for 21 in October for DS, really got me behind but it was fun.

In the past 2 1/2 weeks I have taken 6 kids to the dentist, I've been to the dentist 2 times, took my grandmother for her third eye injection (they seem to think it's starting to work), took Wesley to the GI doctor, had an appointment with the insurance company, took Arthur to his colonoscopy, had James birthday party, attended the King's annual party(it was fantastic as always), and Jonathan to the is busy. While I wasn't busy I've been schooling kids, cooking, cleaning, organizing, and trying to be the best wife and mom I can be. That I can't do on my own so, I rely on the Lord for His guidance and strength.

Jonathan's ENT appointment went GREAT!!! His PE tubes are still in place this is a record for him. He has some fluid in his left ear and is now on drops. As for his hearing test, it wasn't any better than last time. I'm OK with that, I'm just thrilled the tubes are still in. See his cute blue hearing aids in the picture above? His aids aren't on the setting that they need to be on, and we needed them reset. Sounds easy doesn't it? It's not because like everything in life it's done with the computer, but they don't have the software. The same software they said they would order 4 months ago, so next visit they could fix them.....we are still waiting...sigh. We go back on Dec. 3 for another hearing test, in hopes he hears more....not sure what that doctor was thinking???? I'm mainly going for a recheck on the fluid, and in the hopes they can reset the hearing aids volume ....if the software is in. I'm trying to be positive, like my husband :)

The tooth fairy picked up 3 teeth while I was gone to Nicaragua. Stephen lost his second tooth, and James lost 2 more teeth. James lost both of his teeth on the same day, Wesley helped. James was playing tug of war with Wesley. Holding Wesley's night-night in his mouth....Wesley pulled and his night-night won! The tooth fairy was really on top of things she left Stephen money the first night. James pulled his late, so you know you pull them to late and you don't get on the list for pick up that night. So, the next night the tooth fairy picked up both his teeth and left him $4.00. Sad I missed the tooth fairy doing so well, remember in times past she has had a few BAD NIGHTS....Could there be a male tooth fairy? If, so he did much better than the female!!!

The past few weeks I've tried to get myself back into swing with school. I'll say some days are good and some could be better....often times it's because of Mom issues. Being away from home and the kids for a week really threw me off. Just this week I feel I'm getting back on track, now we're heading off for vacation. We'll be taking school with us, we'll have some down 10+ hours in the van one way. I'm pleased with school this year, it's better than the past few. When the girls were little I did lots of neat crafts and fun activities that went along with our Bible lessons, and textbooks. In the past few years since Arthur's cancer, I haven't been so fun. This year I told my friend Deanna I wanted to make this year come alive learning with crafts (we built a craft room, pictures to come) and I once was. My friend Christine without words has challenged me to being creative again. My very special friend Rosalie has blessed me with her words of wisdom, on many levels. Home school means many different things to many different people. If you go HERE you can see an old post on what we think are the most important things.

I feel bad because I haven't posted anything about Rebekah.....she finally got her braces OFF!!!!YAY!!!! She loves not being in braces, and we love her smile. Sucking her thumb until she was 7 almost 8 really did a job on her teeth, now 2 years later this is what you see! White, straight, and pretty! I mentioned several post ago I'd be so happy when she got them off, because selfishly that is one less appointment each month. I guess the joke is on me, now we have someone else in braces.....ME, for the second time...UGH!!! I'm not in traditional braces, I'm wearing Invisalign braces . I got braces again because I have TMJ which was caused from my teeth shifting and grinding(I had no idea that I grind my teeth). It was causing me head aches, my jaw to pop while chewing or talking, and 2 times in the night I woke to my jaw being locked. It was becoming more and more painful, and to the point others even heard my jaw popping while talking or eating. The braces are to help realign my teeth, in hopes it will help clear up the TMJ. It's been 2 weeks so far and it's already made a world of difference. I'm having fewer head aches and the popping is slowing down...I wish I had done this sooner.
Now you see what the Munck family has been into for the past few weeks. Thanks for braving this very long post :)


Beth said...

WOW! You guys are busy - I will now quit complaining about how busy I feel with only 2 children (well, I probably won't quit complaining in reality)!!!

Hope you guys have a GREAT vacation! I'm jealous - almost 31 years old and I've NEVER been to Disney World/Land! I know the girls would love it esp Bella getting to meet all the Princesses!

We're thinking about you guys and the insurance situation - can only imagine how frustrating that is.

Also praying for Michael and the surgeons - keep us posted on how he is - hoping all goes well and he can kick the habit quickly (my dad finally did after they suspected he might have lung cancer and underwent a quadruple bypass surgery)!!!

Happy Days!

sherri said...

Oh my, you guys are really busy... but then I'm not sure it's possible to not be with a big family. I really hope you have a great time on your vacation.
Loved all the updates and pictures.

Sunny said...

Wow. You guys have a lot going on. Hope you have a great vacation!

The Pauls' said...

Thanks for the update!
I had to chuckle when I noticed what you have on the back of your van. Mark has been wanting to make one of these for a long time for ours. Just not enough room inside right!

I hope you have a great vacation!

Michelle said...

wow that is quite an update! You have so much going on I don't know how you keep it straight :) Have fun on your vacation! I don't think there is anything wrong with having the kids buy their own souvenirs! It does teach them responsibility and the value of money and to not over spend!