Saturday, November 8, 2008

We're here & some first....

We're here...YAY!!!! Our drive went well and we made it in record time for us. It has been along day of travel, everyone is already in bed. I wanted to share a few things about Wesley.

Today held several first for Wesley. As I mentioned in my last post we aren't big fans of fast food. On vacation we seem to buy groceries (sweets) that we normally don't purchase at home, because it's vacation. Today Wesley ate a "Pop Tart" for the first time ever, he's 20 months. Not to sure what he thought. Tonight at dinner he ate Ranch dressing with his raw carrots, another first. He loves raw carrots, but hasn't ventured into the world of dressings. Now he has had 2 first in one day. You can see from the picture he had almost cleaned his plate. The dressing was a BIG hit, he liked it with his chicken and his noodles too....whew!

Here is a picture of Wesley after dinner. Take a close look at his cheeks, they are RED, from the ranch dressing. Now we've had 3 first today the Pop Tart, Ranch dressing, and a reaction to a food...ranch dressing. William's face also has this reaction after eating Ranch dressing.

You can see it didn't affect him to much. Wesley was so wired tonight. I'm not sure if it was from the long ride or foreign foods in his system.....I feeling this trip may hold LOTS of first for Wesley.

See the look in his eyes in the above picture, I know that look and I'm not sure Florida is ready for him :)

Lots more to say but I'm also off to bed, and it's just 10:00 PM. The kids went to bed at 9:00PM, like I said we are tired.


sherri said...

I hope you have a GREAT time!

Mrs. Tara said...

Poor little Wesley........... so sad his little face all red. Oh well, I am sure it will not stop him from having fun today. I know another reason the all went to bed early---- they wanted to be ready for today to see MICKEY MOUSE. Oh tell Tinkerbell I will be back soon too. Hope you guys have a great day today. :)

Lyndi said...

Hope you all have a wonderful time!!

Sunny said...

Glad you made it! Hope you guys have a wonderful time. If you remember, when you get back and have a minute would you mind emailing me more info on how you were able to get the CPAP for Jonathon. I have a friend whose 18 month old daughter has severe sleep apnea. She really needs a CPAP, but of course the company that provides them said "no way" because she is so little. My email is: