Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The best gift ever!

Jonathan LOVES his Doodle Pro, and sits on the couch drawing a large part of the day. Most often it is just lines.....chicken scratch. BUT this is the picture he came to show me....it's a person!

This may not seem like a big deal but it's GREAT! Jonathan can't write his name (even when shortened to Jon) and has a hard time coloring within the lines. So you would think I was happy when I first saw this, sadly I questioned if he drew it :( I ask the other kids who were sitting with him and Elizabeth said "yes Mom I saw he draw it". At this point I was sad I questioned him. I made up for it by doing a happy dance with him and being silly like he likes!

Can you see why this is the BEST gift ever? At 10 years old Jonathan can now draw a person, maybe he'll be able to do his name next.

I love Jonathan so much and this may seem like a small thing to most people, for him it was like moving a mountain. Even though I wish he did things faster, it's all in Gods timing. As I sit and wait for things to click with him I see how hard he works to move those mountains, and that's where the MANY blessing come from. Jonathan may never know what a wonderful GIFT he is to our family, or how proud his Momma really was when he first learned to draw a person.


Lyndi said...

That's a great drawing, I know you are so proud of his accomplishments. Good job Jonathan!!

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

WOOOHOOOOO! Good job Jonathan!!! (I'm pretty sure that's a better person than I could ever draw!) :)

Amy Shelby said...

That's fantastic! Thanks for sharing this event for him. Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Caleb loves to draw on the magna-doodle also. Jonathon and he are a lot of like. That was a very good picture.

Have you thought of teaching Jonathon to write in cursive? Caleb writes his name better now, with the cursive vs print.


Christine said...

I love kid art! I would be proud too. :)
I love to watch the progression of kids art, it shows how they are developing emotionally. To be able to draw the details like eyes, hands and legs is an awesome developmental milestone. Parts of a whole, next it could be letters in a word!
PS We really do need to craft together. I told Tara a few months ago that I wanted to meet you guys. :)
Merry Christmas!

Theresa said...

I love this post...as I am fighting back the tears (of joy!) Great job, Jonathan.

JennyH said...

Great job Jonathan!!

Max also loved/loves those things. He doesn't play with them as much. But they are great!

Michelle said...

This isn't a small thing at all; I totally get why this is a big deal to you! Yay Jonathan!! What an impressive person you drew; you should be proud of yourself!

Fine motor skills is probably Kayla's weakest area, and the area "I" struggle with watching her struggle with (if that makes sense!) She just basically does chicken scratches too. She can draw a circle, not perfectly round though, and makes a couple dots for eyes, and a sideways mouth, but that's about it. She can't write any letters, although she has copied a T and L once or twice. I see the kids in her class drawing pictures, writing their names etc, and I feel sad that Kayla isn't doing that yet. I've been trying to work with her on drawing a stick figure; so I loved tht you shared this one of Jonathan's - gives me hope that Kayla will be able to one day!