Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The countdown is ON!

The countdown for Christmas started days ago for my kids. Each year this is how they like to help with the countdown.

A few minutes ago I was doing some baking...YUM! This recipe is new if it's good I'll post it later :)

I noticed the clock on my stove and this is what time it was.
I began to get really excited and thought I to have been counting down the days, but not just for Christmas. I've been counting down the days until our store closes and our family can be together for 2 DAYS!!! This is a big deal because even when we are closed we have to go in and feed, water, and walk the dogs...not just one walk but 4. We are even open on Sunday for 30 minutes to do a pick up. So our family truly works 7 days a week, and this week has been busy. Today 5 of the kids went to the store to prepare the boarders. Some people don't understand why we close Christmas Eve & Christmas day, we do this so we can have time together to celebrate Christ birth. We still have to go in and walk dogs at 8AM, 12noon, 4PM, and 8PM...so we may not be open but still working. We are so very thankful for our business and the customers. YET, I can't help but be excited that NOW in less than an hour they will be home!!!!!

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Amy Shelby said...

Hope you have great quality time together the next 2 two days!