Friday, December 5, 2008

Jonathan's ENT appointment

Jonathan's ENT appointment on Wednesday ...well we canceled it 15 minutes before we were to be there. It's a 45 minute drive there and at 2:45 I decided I better call and cancel. NOT because we were sick or something took precedence. UGH...I'm embarrassed to say it was because "I" couldn't find his hearing aids....seriously! I feel I'm normally very organized, but on Wednesday I was truly being tested...I lost :( Jonathan hasn't worn his hearing aids in several weeks due to the fact the volume wasn't loud enough, and they really weren't helping. That was part of the reason for the appointment to adjust the volume and get fitted for new ear molds. We REALLY needed to make this appointment, yet it didn't happen. I had taken Jonathan aids with us to Florida and he had worn them since we came back but they weren't in one of the 2 places I keep them. Here's the irony of the story I found them 4 minutes before his 3:00pm appointment. I was happy I found them but VERY upset with myself that I hadn't put them back where I keep them. They were in the living room in their case on the book shelves.... NOT were I keep them.

This is why I "try" to be organized. I wasn't always so organized, even though I've always been a perfectionist...along with being my biggest critic. From the time we had Elizabeth we always had her on a schedule and my house seemed to be in order. As we added each child I would see the need to add a little more organization with toys, shoes, and clothes. Over the years this has trickled down into all areas of our life with our home, schooling, and store. When things are out of place I don't function well...not to say everything is perfect. It's just to say everything has a place and when things get messed up we can regroup and as a team have it ship shape quickly. This is why I was so upset with myself on Wednesday...I had only myself to be upset with. I felt like one of my children who instead of putting something back where it goes just left it where it was. For me the consequence was missing a very important appointment for Jonathan.

A valuable lesson was learned, with Mom (me) being the example. This showed my children that I too make mistakes, and that often times our mistakes/laziness affects more than just the person who was lax. Lesson learned, sorry Jonathan!

Seeking to be like Christ, and the Proverbs 31 woman....

She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness.
Proverbs 31:27


Lyndi said...

Don't be hard on yourself. We all have those days when we have the best intensions, and yet something holds us from our goals of the day. Jonathan will get to the ENT, and in the meen time, it's good for your children to see you as human sometimes!! They need to know we aren't perfect either, I think it make for a more realistic role model.

JennyH said...

Sorry you/he missed it. Glad you found the aids though!