Monday, December 1, 2008

Memories Monday

When I was taking pictures of the snow earlier, the trampoline reminded me of a post for Memories Monday. It's not what I had planned but the other can wait. So, here is our NEW trampoline with a "little" snow on it.

This is a picture of our OLD worn out trampoline. These are memories of not so long ago....July 2008. This trampoline had seen better days and had been jumped on so much that when the girls would jump high it would touch the ground. It was time for a new one.

Here Arthur is teaching James how to put on the springs. I believe Arthur was as excited about the new trampoline as the kids. He still likes to get out there with them and do front and back flips...he loves to play with the kids!

James was trying his hand at pulling a spring on. He did pretty good until they got closer which made it tighter.

I believe Rebekah put on the most springs.

This was towards the last of the springs and it was very tight, Arthur had to give Rebekah some assistance.

(side note: Since these pictures were taken Arthur has really changed a lot, well his appearance has. He has lost 27 pounds since July, looking at these pictures I can really see the change. He wanted to get off his blood pressure medication and to do that he needed to lose weight. Now he is off the medicine and his blood pressure is doing well...Praise the Lord!)

Here James and Arthur are finishing the final touches on the safety net. Our first trampoline didn't have a safety net...I highly recommend them! Jonathan's orthopedic doctor Dr. Brown would say "I highly recommend NO ONE own a trampoline, take it to the curb"!

Well, we still own one BUT, because of Jonathan having AAI we don't allow him to get on...I know sad :(

Here are a few of the kids enjoying the NEW trampoline. Often times they all get playing a little to rough. See Stephen hanging out the side of the net on the left, that's why the net is great!
Before anyone says anything I know should there be so many on it at once???? NO! but for some games it's so much more fun :) For the high jumping and flips we only allow one at a time.

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JennyH said...

Looks like fun. 27 pounds is a lot. Good for him!

I am not a big fan of trampolines. I bent my leg backwards on one in elementary and had to use crutches for a week or so. Not fun.

They do look fun- as long as other people are using them!!