Saturday, August 30, 2008

Trying something new.....

Are there things that you wish you could do, would like to try, or knew more about? I'd have to say I have something that would fall into each of these categories. Yet all the things I wish, would like to try, or knew more about are all things within my reach. They aren't a sin, costly, or dangerous so, I decided it was time to try some new things.........

This summer the girls and I thought we would try our hand at canning. I did my homework on what to buy and recipes to use....then we were off. We love fresh fruits and vegetables, but know we can only get them for a season. Once a week our family goes out to the Mennonite Farm to purchase our fruits and veggies for the week. Over the past few weeks we have bought what we planned to eat for the week, and extra for canning. The girls and I have had so much fun canning, we all like to work in the kitchen. At this point we have canned green beans, tomatoes, and sweet potatoes, we have also made jam and pickles. It all looks so yummy, everyone is already asking to eat it.....kind of defeats the purpose of canning to be put away for later. Today we went to the farm and purchased more green beans and sweet potatoes for canning. I was hoping to buy a few more things, but they were already sold out for the day. The farm was very busy today they had their animal sale, the animals seem to draw in a bigger crowd. But we bought enough to keep us busy. Canning has been more than just putting away for winter, we are applying this to school.....we have ALL learned from our new endeavor.

Here is a picture of a few things we have canned.
Arthur has had to make shelf space for all the cans
but it's definitely worth it.

The girls have all helped with the canning.
Madison has broken LOTS of green beans,
Wesley well he has handed us beans to string.
The other boys stayed out of trouble while we
worked and some days that's work :)

Am I a Feminist???

After my last post I had several people question me about that post, and whether or not I'm a feminist. This is why I don't talk politics. I simply stated the election was taking a turn. I said I was excited to see who John McCain picked as his running mate. Again NOT because she is a female, but because of her stand of being pro life, and her choice to keep her son with DS. I also said that we should prayerfully consider who we vote for........PRAYER being the MOST important factor of ones decision!

To answer the question, Are you a feminist?
NO! I'm not, I might be the furthest thing from a feminist.
God blessed each of us by giving us choices in life, my choice is to be my husbands helpmate. It's pretty hard to be a feminist with that mindset. Being a helpmate has put me in very different roles from one end of the spectrum to the other. Like working full time in our family business,while Arthur was going through colon cancer and chemotherapy. This was out of my comfort zone, but where God placed me for a season. God did some amazing things during this time. To the present being a wife/helpmate and mother.....the highest calling I feel that can be given. I feel blessed to be back in this role.

I like to read Doug Phillips blog of Vision Forum. Read this BLOG post it has some interesting points, on feminism.

Titus 2:4-5

Friday, August 29, 2008

WOW! The elections taking a new turn.

I speak about politics a lot, just not on my blog or in public. OK, I talk about it a lot with my family. This presidential election has been a hot topic in our home from values and morals, to gas prices, and the war. My kids keep Arthur and I on our toes with the questions they ask. So today I was very excited to see who John McCain choose as his VP. NOT because it was a female but because of her son, Trig who happens to be blessed with a special gift from God T21. Trig is like our son Jonathan in 2 ways having Down syndrome and being the 5th child. I found an amazing STORY about Sarah Palin and her family. In this story they speak about when, how, and what they thought about having a child with Down syndrome. They also tell of being ask if they wanted to abort the baby.....obviously the answer was NO. This story hit home and spoke volumes to me. You see she was 4 months along when they were told Trig had DS, and were given a choice on whether or not to keep him. I too was 4 months along when we found out Jonathan had DS, we were also ask the same question. For Arthur and I there wasn't another option we DON"T believe in abortion. A choice is am I wearing red or blue today, a choice is am I going to eat another cookie or not, a choice ISN'T do I want to carry this child that God place in my womb or have an abortion....because selfishly people think it would make their lives easier. So, for the mom who normally post pictures, medical updates, day to day life happenings, and silly sayings.....You now see what hits home! I would say dinner time conversation tonight will be very political. If you haven't already started, then start today and prayerfully consider who to vote for.

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you;
Before you were born I sanctified you.
Jeremiah 1:5

We have a winner!

We have a winner for the SWAP! giveaway. We had Rebekah draw for the winner, since the SWAP! game we play is hers. The winner is Jenny, Life with 4 Kiddos . I hope you and your kiddos enjoy the game, as much as our family does. We are sending 2 boxes, because it's easier to play in a large group if you have more cards....less time spent shuffling. I plan to have future giveaways, like next month. The giveaways will be things our family has read, learned from, or played...... family or home school related.
Remember if you didn't enter the giveaway this time, you can the next time. You don't have to be a blogger to enter, it's open to anyone.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

A fresh start....

This is our living room, the room you enter when coming over to visit. We like to try and keep this room tidy and organized. I guess it could be all the time if it didn't house a lot of our school books. I wanted to start this year off with everything in it's proper place. 6 kids and I dusted, threw away, Goodwilled(I know that's not a word) and organized to get it all in order. Elizabeth stood back and said "Mom it looks like shelves out of a magazine". I know it won't stay so straight and lined, with many fingers combing through the books, but the love for reading and learning is worth it.

The bottom cabinets are for home school stuff. The baskets have labels on the front with the subjects they contain. I hope to one day have some bookshelves/ cabinets like these in our family/playroom to house more of the home school stuff. I could feel that set of bookshelves and cabinets quickly from the closet, school crafts in totes in my laundry room, books from the girls room, and the misc. wicker baskets of books throughout the house. Maybe then when people come over unexpected they wouldn't see school stuff out in the front room. I guess that's wishful thinking. We school, do some chores, school, do chores, play, and school. Our life is a mix of daily living, school, and fun.....not really sure in what order, it's all important. I'm thankful to have the privilege to be with my children daily, I enjoy teaching and sharing all these things with them.

Now that we are in full swing of school if you come over unexpected, this is what our living room looks like with all the books put away.

UPDATE on Wesley

I took Wesley to the doctor yesterday afternoon. His fever was still up around 101-102, and his mouth was covered in sores. It wasn't hand,foot, and mouth. He has a viral infection, his left ear was also infected. He was put on antibiotics for his ear and viral infection will have to run it's course. This morning he is still very fussy and running a fever. The sores on his lips and tongue look the same,and his gums are still inflamed and swollen. I think part of his being so fussy is due to the fact he isn't eating well. He has to be hungry fluids can only go so far, plus makes his spitting up worse...UGH!

They finally had the results back for his upper GI. It didn't show reflux, but did say his stomach is VERY slow to empty. Then the doctor said " think we still should try the reflux medicine, because the test aren't that accurate. We'll go on the fact he's still spitting up". Not sure about you but, I was thinking then why did he have to got through a test that's not that accurate, when now your going to put him on medicine on my word he's spits up...sigh! I ask about the stomach emptying so slowly and she said that could be part of the factor of his spitting up. Anyway, we go back in 2 weeks to let them know if the medicine is working, if not then they'll send us to a GI.

A side note my grandmother Nonnie has a detached retina not torn. She'll be starting her treatments for that next Friday.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Jonathan's NEW G BUTTON

WARNING******* Graphic Pictures


Jonathan got his new "G" button today...YAY!!!! He was such a good boy and didn't cry but, he did LOTS of whining.....fear of the unknown. He's scar tissue on the outside around the site is pretty puffy and inflamed , it had to be cauterized. Jonathan was very happy to see the new button in and the old one gone. It's been hard on him to have the old one, he was uncomfortable with the way it would dangle. He kept it tucked in his waistband of his pants but it still bothered him when it would drop, it pulled on his tummy. When he got off the table he told me "good" and gave me a thumbs up. He also showed me his arms lifted as if to show me his muscles and said "strong" this is something he tells us often when he feels he did well. He's really just to cute and has a funny sense of humor. I almost for got the most important thing before surgery he weighed 45.6 today almost 3 months later.....DRUM ROLL.......50 pounds....YAY it's working! Jonathan won't go back to see Dr. Carr until December, when he'll get his button changed out. This was a wonderful day for Jonathan.....thank you all for the prayers. We as a family have been beyond blessed with having Jonathan in our lives, we thank God for him.

Update on Wesley

We haven't gotten the results back from Wesley's upper GI. They said it will all be in tomorrow. In the meantime Wesley has come down with "something" not sure what. Sunday night he had a fever of 103, no other symptoms. James did the same thing last Sunday and Monday so, I wasn't to worried. Monday his fever was only 100-101, he didn't eat well but acted fair. Today he was fussy, I wasn't home most the day. I was with Jonathan at the doctor in Chattanooga. When I got home Wesley was down for his nap and didn't get up until 5pm, his fever was back up. We noticed at dinner he has 2 sores on his tongue and his gums are swollen. Before bed his fever was 103.2...poor baby. I'll be calling the doctor in the morning for an appointment. The bad part is he'll have to wait until the afternoon before I can take him. I have to take my grandmother Nonnie down to Chattanooga in the morning for an eye appointment, she has a torn retina. I don't like to be away from my kiddos, much less when they are sick. I'm praying he feels better in the morning and, Nonnie's appointment goes smooth so I can get back to my little sick guy!

Life is NEVER dull !

Don't Forget...

Don't forget to sign up for the GIVEAWAY ! I will post the winner on Friday.

The Munck's Quiver is now set up so anyone can leave a comment, so enter the giveaway. I know your family will love the game SWAP, too.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Friday Night Out.....

Arthur, the 4 Big Kids, and I had a fun night out on Friday. We went to the Olive Garden to eat and, even had desert.....not something we do often. The 5 little boys enjoyed their time at PNO watching a movie, making crafts, playing games, and having a snack. We picked them up by 9:15pm, we were all missing them. I find it funny how we all were looking so forward to our night out but, in the end were just a excited about picking the boys back up. After we had all the boys in bed I went into the family room, and Amanda was sitting on the couch. She said "it's nice to be home and all together". We were only separated for about 3 hours. I'm so thankful our children have a close bond and see the value in family.

Several people have ask to see a recent picture of Arthur and I it is. We neither one like pictures of ourselves.....but who does?

Friday, August 22, 2008

Wesley's Upper GI

This gives you a good idea of how much Wesley liked his Upper GI. They didn't call us back until 10:15am and by then he was starving. He woke up at 7AM this morning so, it was a long morning. He cried through the whole thing. His stomach didn't empty fast so then we had to wait another 20 minutes for more pictures. As soon as I picked him up he feel asleep, he wore himself out crying. We'll get the results next week.
Cell phones with cameras come in so handy, to capture those sweet faces. Love his heart.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

One crazy week....

This has been one of those weeks! Glad I have a palm pilot to keep up with our appointments or, we would have missed most of them. If, you don't know me well let me tell you I'm a home body. I love to be at home and I know I'm a much better mom on the days we don't have to run to and fro. So, here is a glimpse of our week so far......

Monday: Madison had to go back to the doctor, he still has his rash. At present it's as bad as it was and covering more area. The only place it hasn't is his feet and the top of his head. FYI it's NOT poison's well, they aren't sure maybe an autoimmune something???? 2 doctors in the room first one says "very odd" the other says "yes fascinating simply fascinating". So that started out our week. With another week of meds, a new lotion, and an antihistamine. If, this doesn't do the trick we off to a dermatologist. Poor Madison is still scratching ALL OVER!

Tuesday: I had a dentist appointment that morning, for a cleaning . Then I spent the rest of the day preparing for Miss Amanda's birthday party. We always have a big family dinner with just our family, then we'll get together with the grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. I believe we are going to do that this Sunday.

Wednesday: Wesley had to go for his 12month shots. YES, he is 17 months but that's what happens when you can't keep a little one well enough to get them on time. He got 2 shots in his arm and, 3 in his broke his heart. He has grown but he's still a little guy, he now weighs 24 pounds and is 31 inches tall. While there I told Dr. M about Wesley spitting up all the time, now to many to count in one day. He has done this for awhile. Before it just went into his mouth...YUCK, but now it's so much it's coming out. I ask if he thought it was reflux, he said "yes or a hernia". So, tomorrow at 9AM we are going to the hospital for X-rays and test. Pray for Wesley, he can't eat before he goes....UGH! Tomorrow morning is going to be hard for him, he wakes between 6:15 and 6:45AM every morning and is starving ready to eat. We put him to bed late tonight praying he will sleep in. This never really seems to work for our kids...we'll see.

Thursday/Today: Madison and Jonathan had a dentist appointment. Madison had an old filling replaced and, Jonathan had 2 more teeth pulled. (He didn't put them under the pillow tonight) Elizabeth's Art Class started back for the year, she was so excited to go back. She came home this evening with a project already. I had to go with her to pay her fees and speak to her teacher but....the best part is this year she can drive herself...YAY!!!! This afternoon Rebekah had an orthodontist appointment, next month she should be getting the braces off. That calls for another BIG YAY!!!!! that means one less appointment each month!

Friday/Tomorrow: I already mentioned Wesley's morning appointment. But I didn't mention that tomorrow night from 6-10PM is PNO(parents night out) at our church. Our children love it and so do we! They offer it once a month from August thru May and twice during December. One of the December days being a full day on Saturday, to help parents get some shopping done. The age goes from birth to 5th grade. The price is out of this world $3-1 child, $7-2 children, and $15-3 children and can't bet that! Years ago PNO was just for Arthur and I, when all our kids could go. Now that we have big kids we try to use this time to do something fun with them.....just focused on BIG Kid stuff. One of our customers(she has become more like family after 4 years, with baking us goodies and loving us) gave us a very nice tip/treat last week. So, tomorrow night Arthur, myself, and the 4 oldest are going to go out to eat...not fast food. I look forward to the conversation(without someone needing something cut, poured, or covered in ketchup) as much as the dinner. Yet, like every time we're not all together as a family we miss the other kiddos and, are so very ready to pick them back up.

With a week like this are you wondering how school went this week....that's another whole post. I'll have to save it for another day. Don't forget to sign up for the contest/give away.

Even on weeks like these I'm so VERY thankful that I have been blessed with children to haul to and fro. As I've said before, I feel I'm one of the richest people in the world. Maybe not by the worlds standards but by Gods standards.

We're having a CONTEST !

The Munck's are having a give away! I had never won anything before until I won Joanthan's backpack from Michelle . As much fun as it was to win, I think I'd like to be on the giving end. I'm going to give away the game SWAP . This is the game that my family loves to play. Seems like families don't take time to talk, read together, play games, or just enjoy each other so.....I hope this will give someone a fun family night. This contest has NO rules , just leave me a comment. I have opened my comments up to anyone, so if you won't a chance to win let me know. I will do the drawing on Friday August 29th.

Remember if your anonymous leave me a way to contact you :)

New Backpack

A few weeks ago we won a NEW backpack from Michelle at Big Blueberry Eyes It's a Lands End backpack and it's great. Jonathan doesn't leave home without his backpack, I know this one will get a lot of use. I wanted everyone to see the new backpack and the things that will be carried in it. Jonathan's night-night, Groovy Guy, Webkinz, and Doodle pad are a MUST in his backpack. As for the pull-up, extra clothes, and Jonathan's hearing aids ......well those are all things his Momma would pack! Are you wondering why not wear the hearing aids???? If he wears them in the van by the time we get there he has them disassembled. Let me tell you it's NOT fun looking for tiny hearing aid parts in a 15 passenger van :( Thanks again Michelle for the awesome backpack!!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Amanda




Friday, August 15, 2008

Dad & Daughter Time

Arthur and Rebekah left yesterday for Nashville, on a 2 day retreat. This is a trip Arthur takes with the kids when they turn 13. Elizabeth and Arthur went to Gatlinburg (she didn't get to pick her trip, it was a total surprise). They went to the Ripley's Aquarium, shopping, and it snowed while there...we don't see much snow so that was really neat. Amanda and Arthur went to Dahlonega, Ga. Amanda wanted to go there for the tubing, shopping, and she enjoys the little German village. Rebekah picked Nashville, she wanted to go to Nashville Shores,Dave & Busters, and shopping. This trip is about more than just fun or Dad/daughter time.

The part of the trip that is the most important is the time spent in prayer and teaching. While on the trip Arthur does a workbook by Dennis & Barbara Rainey called Passport2Purity

On the final day each of the girls have been given a signet ring with "M" monogrammed on it. The ring is a reminder of who they are, and to stand strong in their beliefs. It will one day be replaced by their engagement ring........for the next chapter in their lives.

One of our favorite scriptures has always been........
Train up a child in the way he should go,
And when he is old he will not depart from it.
Proverbs 22:6

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Construction Crew...NOT!

Wesley looks so cute in his lite blue construction crew outfit, the only problem is it's false advertising! He is still such a mess and it should read Destruction Crew . Remember the post about Mr.Destruction ? Well, he still seems to be wanting to perfect his destruction methods, he's truly VERY good at what he does...sigh... I'm not sure if he is keeping me young from all the running or making me gray. James even said yesterday "Moma, I'm tired Wesley has worn me out". If you knew James that's hard to do because, he's Mr. Energy. So, if your needing to have any home demolition done or wanting to work off a few pounds, I'm thinking about hiring Wesley A.K.A. Mr. Destruction out. Just let me know the dates :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Poison Ivy..itch & scratch!

Ever had poison ivy? I haven't but, after watching Madison for the past several days I'd have to say "I NEVER want it"! On Friday Madison and a group of boys played backyard football. We have a creek that runs behind our house and, the ball rolled off into the creek several times. We think when retrieving the ball from the creek Madison got into some poison ivy. Saturday he started having places pop up on his elbows, knees, knuckles, and neck. Sunday morning it was even worse now on his back, thighs, upper arms, face, and stomach....the itching was driving him mad! He said "do I have to go and sit through church"? I was going to be home anyway with William, Wesley, and Jonathan who all still had fevers with NO symptoms...UGH! (They are better now.) The pediatric office we use opens at 1pm on Sundays. I called and got him an appointment, they said it one of the worst cases they have seen. When we do things we always try to do it right...sigh. Dr. F put Madison on prednisone twice a day for 5 days and also gave him a cream to apply. Yesterday it hadn't kicked in yet, it's now even in places I can't mention.....we are G rated. Today it doesn't look any worse...not sure it could. Madison isn't scratching anymore he has moved on to digging at himself. We have to tell him to stop, he doesn't know he's even doing it...he's still going crazy. I pray by tomorrow we will see a big difference.

Jonathan The Rebel.....

Jonathan as the REBEL

On Friday to give Jonathan a break from me.....or maybe the other way around, he went to the store for the day. I told Elizabeth to cut his hair while he was there. I have been cutting the boys hair for the last few years. It saves us LOTS of money. We were paying $12 for each boy every 5 to 6 weeks, and that adds up fast. So, since we own the same type clippers(from grooming) we decided to do it ourselves. The nice part is I take them down to the store and do it there, with little clean up involved since that's what we do....well with dogs. If your wondering YES they sit on the grooming tables for their cuts. We wash their hair and dry it and were on our way. Sounds simple, funny thing is I ALWAYS dread haircut days....yet it only takes about a hour to cut all 5 boys hair. Well, last week I taught Elizabeth to cut their hair. She cut James' hair on Monday, Madison's hair on Wednesday and it looked really nice. Then came Friday and she cut Jonathan's hair!!!!!!! When they got home and Jonathan came to show me his hair I wondered what she did with my sweet boy I had a....REBEL for a son! Elizabeth gave him a Mohawk, he loved it! I wasn't any to happy, I said "he already gets looks he doesn't need anymore attention drawn to him". He wasn't happy when I said he had to get it cut off. Later that night at the 8pm potty walk for the dogs Elizabeth took Jonathan and cut it off. He was OK with it being cut. I wish you could have seen him, he thought he was so COOL. I have to admit it brought out a different side of him.....he did look cute!

I'm thankful that Elizabeth can now cut the boys hair. This is just one more thing that helps me out and another skill she has mastered. She did a great job on their hair ...ever Jonathan's unique style. One day when she has a family of her own she'll be able to save them some money on haircuts too.

For those of you who don't know we own a grooming, boarding, and doggie daycare. There is a little irony here.....we make a living off dog haircuts, yet we don't want to pay for haircuts for ourselves. We are sooooooo very THANKFUL that we have many dogs to feed our family!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Where is my patience?

Today I seem to be VERY impatient from school, to chores, to KIDS!!!!! Did I mention KIDS!!! The little things seem to be driving me crazy today, could be because ALL my helpers went to help out Arthur today. Or, in truth maybe it's me because I'm so task oriented...UGH...wish I wasn't! Jonathan is topping my list of, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING & WHY". He has tested me to the max today from the potty to simple directions. I forgot to tell you William,Wesley, and Jonathan all have a fever. I think I wanted so much to be accomplished today...yes now I see the problem "I". So, it is ME that needs the attitude change. Every time "I" creeps into the picture things seem to go down hill, when will "I" ever learn? If "I" were working in corporate America I'm pretty sure "I" would have been fired today and, kicked to the curb. Yet, here "I" sit with the job of being a wife, mother, and homemaker which is the desire of my heart and I'm kissed, hugged, and told I love you.... for being impatient and ugly......tell me that isn't GOD!

Not only did "I" need to ask God to forgive me for my sins, but my precious children too. I seek daily to die to self and give it over to God but, like today "I" allowed the flesh to come in and sit for a spell...and entertain him. Now I'm praying for a better evening, lead by NOT "I" but HIM!

And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.
Galations 6:9

Wordless Wednesday....Webkinz Attack

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

How much are you loved?

Tonight William, Wesley, Jonathan, and I were out on a golf cart ride at sunset. It was very beautiful and peaceful out, which lead William and I into this conversation.......

William: Moma look at the BIG orange sun.
ME: I know William isn't it pretty and who made the sun?
William: God did. God is really really big. Did you know that.
Me: Yes, William I did.
William: That's how Him made the sun, cus Him is big, not like you.
Me: Well, William who loves you the most?
William: You Moma
Me: No, God does William because He made you. He made you and gave you to me.
William: Oh'
Me: I love you as big as the world.
William: Moma, I love you a big as a trash can!
Me: Thank you William, silly boy

Isn't that true love for you?! When he told me this we were behind our store next to the dumpster. So, I hope he was speaking of a trash can that large and not an ordinary household trash can. Then, at least the love is on a larger scale. I'll take his stinky love any day!!! So, how much does your 3 year old love you?

Pray for Miss Kennedy

The Munck Quiver is asking that you join us in praying for Miss Kennedy and her family. She is the daughter of my friend Renee. Kennedy is an amazing little girl who has more fight in her than most adults. She is in Vandy Hospital right now very sick, and needs God to guide her doctors in the best plan for her. Go by and visit her mom's blog and let them know your praying for her. We love you guys and your in our prayers!!!!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

We live with a Super Hero

James is.......Captain Underpants
Even with a cedar chest FULL of costumes, my kids love to create their own costumes. Or, should I say secret identity. On Friday James came into the laundry room wearing this get-up. Not knowing what I should call him, I ask "who are you". James placed his hands on his hips and stated with a loud proud voice "Captain Underpants". What a silly boy. I think the part of the costume that got me the most wasn't the burp cloth as a cape on his back but.....the DIRTY bib. Wesley had just worn that bib at breakfast and it had cereal all over it. James didn't seem to mind, I guess he thought it added a little more character to his costume.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

We won......

We entered a contest last week for a backpack from Michelle
at Big Blueberry Eyes. She drew the name on Friday which was her birthday...Happy Birthday again Michelle....and
WE WON! I have never won any contest EVER, so we were very excited. The backpack will go to Jonathan who as you can see in the picture is wearing his backpack. He wears his back pack every where he goes. You may even remember this picture of Jonathan from one of his medical update post.
The red backpack is like Jonathan's trade mark. Like our sweet friend Mrs. Tara said one day "I knew it was Jonathan coming as soon as I saw the backpack". Now even the doctors know him by his backpack, and all the treasures he places in it to help occupy his time while waiting to be seen.
So, we are very excited to have a new one coming. Guess what it's RED! YAY!!!!! We'll post a picture of Jonathan with the new pack when it arrives.

Thanks again Michelle!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Blog Problems?????

Having trouble getting on your blog??? I was, if you have site meter that may be why. My wonderful computer savvy friend Christina alerted me to this problem. So, I took site meter off my site, now I'm up and running again. Thanks Christina! If any of you knew some of the questions I ask her well, all I can say is bless her heart :)

WOW !!!

I recieved this award from my sweet friend Christina. Thank you so much, this is my first real award :)

I would like to pass this award on to......

Rosalie at Life in Our Quiver
Theresa at The Journey Begins Here
Amy at Raising Arrows

Thank you so much again Christina for the award.