Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Faces of THANKFUL....

Here are just a "FEW" of the many Faces that come to mind when thinking of THANKFUL!

These are the faces of THANKFUL!"BABIES", in an orphanage ran by Christians in Nicaragua open because of PRAYER,FAITH, and America donations.

The babies get their tummies filled 3 times a day with nutritious meals, clean clothes, and LOTS of people to come love on them. Each baby has the face of THANKFUL!

These are the faces of THANKFUL! "School children", in Nicaragua who are happy to have a uniform so they can attend school. Each child has the face of THANKFUL!

These are the faces of THANKFUL! "Victor and his family", our interpreter from Nicaragua whom we've had the pleasure of building a relationship with over the past 3 years. Victor this year was able to place his daughter Valarie in a Christian school that teaches English and Spanish. Each one in this family has the face of THANKFUL!

This a face of THANKFUL! " Our Wesley", a little boy who wouldn't have ever had the joy to slumber on his Daddy's shoulder, if his Daddy hadn't been cured of cancer. Not to mention Wesley wouldn't even exist. This little boy has the face of THANKFUL!

This is the face of THANKFUL! "Jonathan", a boy who has a limited vocabulary, earring loss, sleeps at night with a CPAP to make sure he breaths, and a feeding pump running 10 hours so that he will grow and develop in a proper way. This Boy has the face of THANKFUL!

This is the face of THANKFUL! "Kennedy", this little girl is a trooper. She has gone through leukemia (free for 1 year) and has conquered spine surgery this past summer. This little PRINCESS has the face of THANKFUL!

These are the faces of THANKFUL! "My Mom Marty & (step) Dad Buddy", my mom just went through hip replacement in October, and is still using a walker until she can have the other hip done at the first of the year. My dad has had several back surgeries and can hardly walk, there's no other surgeries to help him...yet they both keep going. Mom and Dad have the faces of THANKFUL!

These are the faces of THANKFUL! "Tara , Mike, & girls", they feel blessed to have been a part of these sweet girls lives. Even though the adoption couldn't happen due to government (Nicaragua) reasons, they forever value the time spent with these two little girls and will love them always. They will remain in Tara and Mike's prayers in hope one day these sweet girls will choose to ask the Lord into their hearts and they will be reunited in Heaven for all eternity. Tara and Mike truly are the faces of THANKFUL!

These are the faces of THANKFUL! Yet, I focus on one "Nonnie", my grandmother I don't believe she could have ever imagined that she would have so many grandchildren. My mom is an only child and my mom had 4 children, Nonnie's grandchildren. From there came 14 great-grandchildren (9 of them being mine) and 2 great-great grandchildren. The picture above is just part of the crew. This grandmother is the face of THANKFUL!

This is the face of THANKFUL! "Richard", he is a man who has been living in a different state for several years and is now home and able to spend his time/Holidays with family and friends (he is holding Wesley and Wesley LOVES Richard!) This man is the face of THANKFUL!

These are the faces of THANKFUL! "Lonnie & Peggy", their only child Bart and his wife Kathrine are missionaries in Uruguay and expecting their first child in February...Lonnie and Peggy's first grandchild by blood, see we claimed them years ago as our children's grandparents! (they live next door and Peggy was my preschool teacher when I was 4, small world) Peggy and Lonnie have the faces of THANKFUL!

These are the faces of THANKFUL! "Mark, Rosalie, and children", (Megan is 15 and the family photographer, she's behind the camera) they had a good crop this year, and combining was done before bad weather set in(this is another family that works together as a team). The neatest thing is this family is soon going to grow by 2! In the next few weeks they are going to be welcoming baby blessing #11 to their home, and in February they are going to be adding a daughter in law(Rebecca girl in brown). This LARGE family ALL have the faces of THANKFUL!

These are the faces of THANKFUL! "OUR family", this is our Christmas picture from last year, and much has happened in a year. We have had many darts and snares come our way this year, but we know who is in control...not us but HIM! We all work together daily in our home and store, we are truly blessed beyond belief. So, OUR FAMILY all have the faces of THANKFUL!

This isn't a face, but a HOME of THANKFUL people! "Noah, Sarah, and 15 children", they are Mennonite and hold a very special place in our hearts. On Thursday they won't be cutting into a turkey or ham and gathering around a table to offer up praise and thanksgiving. For you see they say each and everyday should be thanksgiving, thanking the Lord for all He's provided. Each person that lives in this home is THANKFUL!

These faces and things don't even come close to tipping the iceberg of all the people I could post about. There is a common thread with each of these people, in good times or in trials they all love the LORD and whatever comes their way.....They are THANKFUL!!!!

I hope each one of you has a blessed and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The award goes to......

The award goes to James P. Munck! The box of Kleenex isn't the award.....the award is for PATIENCE!!!!!!!
This morning by 8:15 AM, Wesley had already pulled out all the Kleenex from a brand NEW box....UGH!!!! We have kept Kleenex on the back of our piano in the family room for years...why today Wesley(Mr.Destruction) thought it would be fun to pull it all out, your guess is as good as mine.
So, why does James receive the award? He folded each Kleenex and put them back in the box....WITHOUT being ask! Trust me it took him a while and, I don't think I would have had the patience to put them back in the box. I think these are the times when you see where your child's heart is....Wesley is only 20 months there's still hope for him.
I wonder what product you'll see tomorrow on this blog. Who would have thought I'd post Q-tips or Kleenex.........isn't life FUN!!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

What do you call them???

This morning when I as reading with the boys William got up for a potty break. Within a few minutes I heard him calling for me from the bathroom. I yelled back and ask him what he needed he said "hurry it's Wesley". I hadn't noticed William's sidekick was missing. He had obviously trailed off behind him to the bathroom. I jumped up and took off to retrieve Wesley from whatever disaster he was creating. (Remember Mr.Destruction truly he is back in full force these days, he teased us into thinking he was turning over a new leaf) Here is what I found and the conversation I had with William....

William is still sitting on the potty, and Wesley is "IN" the cabinet under the sink. As I walk in it startles Wesley and William proceeds to tell me what he's done.

William: Moma LOOK..there he is! (Like I didn't notice)

Me: Wesley, NO!!!!

William: He's been getting out all those "EAR DIGGERS" and pulling the tops off them. I told him NO, but he didn't listen to me.

ME: Wesley that is a NO! NO! Thank you William for helping out. (as I'm popping his hand, YES we spank)

Me: William those aren't called "Ear DIGGERS", their call Q-tips.

William: Are you sure, cause their good for dig'n out ears?!

Me: YES, and you shouldn't use them to dig in your ears.

William: I won't now that Wesley pulled all the soft stuff off the ends.

Me: SIGH****

William really makes me laugh, all the time. As far as using the Q-tips for ear diggers...we don't do that, and never let the kids use them by themselves!

What silly things do you kids call things??????

Memories Monday

This is James 4 years ago. It was November 13th, 2004 and his 4th birthday. This was our children's first trip to Disney...and mine too at the age of 32. Arthur had just finished his last round of chemo and this what we did to celebrate. Money was very tight our business had only been open for 1 year (on top of all the medical bills) and was just starting to take off. Many people blessed us in helping make this trip possible. We stayed at a good friends time share for under $300 for the week and one of my friends Dee Dee had tickets for one day at the park and one day at the water park left on her cards....and she gave them to us. (at that time they were a family of 7 and their tickets were such a help in the cost of our trip) Much has changed in the past 4 years and God has blessed our family and business. We feel blessed to have the store and pray daily that we'll be a light to shine for HIM while working. For we know the business truly belongs to HIM. So, now we continue to take our annual Disney trip. Each year we have been there on James' birthday, and each year we take his picture in a Disney birthday hat...we've never purchased one :)

This is James November 13, 2008.....on his 8th birthday. He has changed and so has the hat :)

Friday, November 21, 2008

2 post in 1....Homeschool & Souvenirs

Saving time 2 post in one.......

This week I thought I'd set out to do a little craft with our science. The science that my boys are loving and can't get enough of, I spoke about it HERE . I truly think it's the awesome SCIENCE book/lessons that keeps them wanting's teaching truth, using also lots of scripture. OK, maybe it's also that I'm having lots of fun with it too:)

We made animal bag puppets, since we are studying animals of the 6th day. You can find these really cute puppets at Wal-Mart(aka Stuff Mart) in the craft section. They are put out by Martha Stewart . The whole line is very cute, and colorful. These aren't paper bags, but bags covered in fabric. They are pretty sturdy and will hold up well. In the above picture Stephen is putting together a tiger.

They are so easy and come with adhesive tape already in place. All you have to do is peel the paper off and follow the directions ...EASY! William at 4 made the lion and loved it. Yes, he thinks he's a big boy and always wants to do school, too. Truly making learning fun is key:)

Here is Madison, he assembled the bear. Even at 11 he still loves crafts! Because, it wasn't a challenge for him he was done rather quickly, which was good for me. I needed him to help me with the little guys. The only sad thing for Madison is the bags are a little on the small side. His hand goes in fine, but it's not real roomy.

Stephen was so proud of his tiger, and he should be. His tiger had more pieces that any of the others, and he ask for the least amount of help. Behind him on the counter you can see James' finished monkey.

The finished products! The puppets have put on several plays already. Madison directs the plays while the others are behind the puppets...lots of fun!!!


Remember when I spoke about how much the boys like Webkinz......HERE it goes with their science . It was on one of the same post as above. Well they still do enjoy them and their collection just keeps growing. I mentioned HERE that or kids have to purchase their own souvenirs when we go on vacation. Now you see what they came home with....sigh* Take them all the way to Florida and they purchase a Webkinz that they could have bought 3 miles down the road from our house....silly boys. The positive is I knew it was something they'd play with not just a one time fun idea. They also all came home with money left...YAY!

So here is the run down on who bought what.... Lt. -Rt.
*Mickey on top is Wesley's ....he really liked MimMi, so it was fitting he have a Mickey, NOT a Webkinz
*Clown fish is William's
*Eagle is Stephen's
* Manatee is Jonathan's (we saw one at Epcot and got to watch it eat, it was so neat)
*Husky is James'
*Cocker is Madison's (Wesley has taken over it, I believe Madison just wanted the code)
*Snowman is James' (YES, James got 2. It was his birthday on Thursday while in Florida and the husky was his present. He bought the snowman.)

As far as the rest of us and souvenirs...Arthur and I bought nothing, we aren't big stuff people. Elizabeth bought NOTHING to bring home, she did buy us ice cream at Animal Kingdom. Elizabeth is a penny pincher, and VERY good with money. Rebekah just bought another charm to place on her charm bracelet, Rebekah isn't a very big spender. Amanda also bought a charm and a couple of Christmas presents, that was a surprise. Amanda is a BIG spender and likes to give gifts and her money seems to go fast. So, I was very proud that she spent very little and also came home with money. The boys all just bought their Webkinz, except Madison he also bought one Christmas present.

I just had to show eveyone this picture of Wesley, not to show everyone how precious he looks when sleeping. I wanted you to see the poor baby is being slowly brainwashed into the Webkinz world. Take a close look under his little arm is a kangaroo Webkinz. He loves's soft and cuddly:) The bunny next to him is still his favorite, my mom bought it for him when he was born. He has slept with it every night since, it is now missing hair from him picking it out....their only small for such a short period of time.

A Thankful Challenge

Miss Amanda has come up with a challenge to write 5 things a day until Thanksgiving that your thankful for. She started this 2 days ago, as you can see I haven't taken up the challenge yet. Not enough time to blog this week, and Wesley and I have been under the weather. BUT if you want to see her list or take up the challenge for the days left stop by and let her know....... HERE .

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


This is what I saw coming down the hall after breakfast this morning. Wesley brought me a diaper and said "Moma STINKY"!

He stood and looked at me like ...PLEASE change me.

Then he proceeded to lay down on the cold dinning room floor, in hopes I'd change him quickly.

I did change him, but not on the cold dinning room floor. The poor baby has had so much diarrhea and GI issues in the past few months, I'm thinking potty training may not be so hard...wishful thinking :) Today was the first time he has gone and gotten a diaper on his own. I'm in no rush for potty training any time soon, Wesley is only 20 months. His age isn't the big factor it's that he is still having 3 to 4 diarrhea diapers a day. By far the BIGGEST factor is...who wants to do potty training in the winter??? Washing all those layers of warm winter clothing.....not fun. We'll hold off til spring/summer.....light weight clothes and warm days:)

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, November 17, 2008

Memories Monday


This was our first Thanksgiving at home. In years past we have always gone to my parents for Thanksgiving, 2006 was the year of a new tradition.

Elizabeth and Amanda took on the roll of preparing the turkey for his fry! It was a lot of fun to see the girls do this all by themselves, with little instruction.

Arthur is the chief turkey fryer, and he really looks forward to his part in our Thanksgiving feast.

This was me in 2006...pregnant with Wesley. I did very little cooking that Thanksgiving, my stomach didn't like smells to much. So, other than the pies and potatoes the girls cooked all of our Thanksgiving dinner that year.

This is the some of our meal on the serving table. The kids decorated and made everything look so festive.

The weather was nice that Thanksgiving so after our dinner we all went outside for some fun. The kids played in the leaves and we all took a walk.
I love Thanksgiving and am looking forward to celebrating next Thursday.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


We rolled into our driveway at 8:45 PM.
We left Orlando at 12:09 this afternoon, where it was a beautiful sunny 88. We arrived home to a dark wet cold 42. We had a fantastic trip, but it's true there's no place like home...OR your own bed! Bed is where I'm heading now :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Monday, November 10, 2008

Memories Monday

Scheduled Post

This is Jonathan December 1999. He had just received his first set of hearing aids. They were bone conduction hearing aids and very bulky. The first few months he didn't mind wearing them, but as time went on he pulled them off constantly. It truly was a battle, and some days he won. In the first few days of Jonathan having his hearing aids we saw a change in him. It was very exciting, and also very heart breaking. He was now hearing a world that had been fairly quite, with only low shallow tones. The hearing aids brought him into a world of high pitch noise and back ground chatter, often times bringing Jonathan to tears, fearing the world around him. Even now at age 10 with a low tone hearing loss, noise bothers him. Often times covering his ears to bells, whistles, dogs barking, and children In the past several months I have thought about how sad this has always made me, because I want him to be happy and not have fear. As I sat and watched him one afternoon recently I noticed that "I" am the one who feels sad, not Jonathan. He is very happy in the world he lives in, even when fear of the worlds noises comes. Jonathan knows that he can come to Arthur, myself, or his siblings to help calm his fears. My prayer is one day he will be able to not just come to us, but his Heavenly Father. For I know his Heavenly father loves him more than any of us...and he will give a special peace to Jonathan.

Jonathan likes only one thing loud, it's a song we have on CD. Often times I have played this CD while driving home from Jonathan's doctors appointments. It's a CD by Twila Paris, and the song is Days of Elijah . This is one of my favorite songs, and I guess I've played it so much it's his too. We turn it up pretty loud and sing it together. I'm not a good singer and Jonathan well he doesn't even speak very well, the loud music drowns out our imperfections. Yet, I know we are making beautiful music to the Lord and He must be pleased. Now our secret is out, and I love this time in the van with my sweet singer :)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Look where we went.....

Daytona Beach, Florida

This was another day of first for not just Wesley. We haven't been to the beach in 10 years. So today was the first time Jonathan, Stephen, William, and Wesley have ever seen the beach. James has been to the beach, but not with us he came with my parents 3 years ago. So to say we had fun today would be a BIG understatement! Arthur and I had 2 cameras going and took....over 400 pictures in 4 hours. I'd like to share at least a few 150 or so... but I felt you might get bored. I will have to worn you that more beach pictures will be coming :)
Years ago we loved coming to the beach. Madison was 15 months old the last time we were at the beach. Life and has had many twists and turns over the past 10 years, that has kept us from coming back. It was a beautiful day, and one that you couldn't help but see God's handy work every where you turned. I told Arthur this was the best day ever, and if we left for home tomorrow I'd hold tons of memories.