Friday, January 2, 2009

Adding to the numbers....

Here is our group of sick and zoned out. Elizabeth and Arthur did lots of reading today.

The average temp of this group was 101-102.

Dad and Wesley had lots of bonding time today. Wesley's temp has been the highest reaching 103.

This is what the well group did.....

We all worked at the store today busy, busy, busy! This washer and dryer does almost as much work as ours at home does.

Madison disinfecting and wiping down the walls in daycare after all the doggies were picked up.

Amanda and Madison taking Mercedes and Bandit for a potty break.

This is the Emmie, Rebekah groomed her from start to finish...I wonder if they really needed me there?!

Amanda giving a little extra love....she'd sleep the night down at Great Doggie Doos if we allowed her to.
We were really busy at the store today and the day went so fast. It's been a long time since I've worked a whole day at the store. In the past year I stayed home with the boys more than being at the store, Arthur and the kids handle it so well. I help out with the paperwork and the boarding, but they never seem to need me to help groom. When I am at the store Arthur and the others are around so, today was a big change for us all...just 4 of us. The team work went well, and I enjoyed seeing them work....with little or no direction from me. I'll be thankful when I'm back at home and EVERYONE is well! I'm sure they'd all rather be working than sick.
Now Madison is sick...101 now we are down to 3!


Theresa said...

Madison is as big as Amanda. What is the age difference.

(I ask the same questions a lot!)

Hope everyone is feeling better soon and you don't catch it too!

Love T

The Pauls' said...

Hope you all feel better soon, and whoever hasn't gotten it will be spared.

Beth said...

Hope everyone gets to feeling better soon! And thanks for the "peek" into a day at the store!!

I must admit - when I read the title on my blog list - I thought "oh are they expecting again?"!!!

sherri said...

I pray you are all well very soon. It's great to see teamwork in a family but enough is
It's so nice that you can all pull together, though.

JennyH said...

Man! I hope it is a fast illness and everyone is better within a couple of days.

Love the new family photo!