Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bringing Kellsey Home...fundraiser!

My good friend Renee is doing a fundraiser, to bring KELLSEY home. They are adopting sweet Kellsey who also happens to be blessed with a little something extra....Down Syndrome! Renee and Frank are in the thick of their paper work and adoption process. To help off set the cost for the adoption they are making the coolest necklaces for kids. Please go by Miss Kellsey's blog and check out the necklaces...made to order with any information you want on them....for ONLY $10.00!!!! All the proceeds go straight to Miss Kellsey's adoption! Click HERE to see some samples on Miss Kellsey's blog!

Jonathan loves his necklace, the first few days he wouldn't take it off. Renee made it with BOY colors and it contains all the information Jonathan couldn't communicate to someone if he got lost like...his name, address, parents name, my cell number, and Jonathan's medical information. I feel more comfortable knowing that if Jonathan wonders off (as he's been known to do) his new cool identification necklace will allow someone to help him get back to us FAST and SAFE!
Even if your not in the market for a one of a kind specialty necklace, I know the Garcia family would appreciate all your prayers in their adoption process!


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Thanks for posting this! I can't wait to bring my baby girl HOME!

Lyndi said...

O, i think I fixed it.

Mrs. Tara said...

Hey lady- miss you still. I was hoping you could go over to my friend Niki Ary's blog - listed on my blog- and offer her some encouragement- although she seems to be doing well. She is about 3 months preg, she miscarried her first and they have told them this baby has downs. I just thought hmmm you might could over her some encouragement. I told her to check out your blog and what a blessing Jonathan is to everyone. Hope everyone is feeling better.

Theresa said...

The necklace is such a great idea!

Love T