Saturday, January 31, 2009

Laundry just got easier!

Laundry is something we never seem to be short of around here, clean or dirty! The first of last year I wrote a post HERE about our washer and dryer. When Arthur and I got married Arthur had a washer and dryer that were only about 2 years new. We used then until just this past December. In the older post I spoke about wanting to wait until our laundry room was finished before we bought a new set. Our laundry room still isn't finished but is getting there. Some people say it would drive them crazy to not be finished, I really don't mind. I know how hard Arthur works and then comes home to work on our home projects. He could have been finished long ago, but I want him to spend time with the kids and I too. So a lot of the time we are the reason he doesn't get to work on his projects. Arthur went ahead and bought the new washer and dryer the first of December because the motor was going out of our washer again. Arthur said he didn't want to put more money into them. So now we have large capacity washer and dryer the ones of my dreams! I can finally keep up with laundry and not have piles waiting to be done, this just amazes me. The only thing I find sad is like kids with new toys I want to use them, the first few weeks I caught myself looking for things to wash :)

Arthur also put in a new hot water heater, it's a 75 gallon gas hot water everyone can get a hot shower before church :)

One half of our laundry room is the old laundry room(what you see in the picture) and the other half is the addition Arthur added on. So it truly has been a work in progress to tie in 2 different ceilings, walls, and floors. Now all Arthur has to do is put in the new attic stairs, put down the wood floor, mud/sand the sheet rock, build our cubbies/coat racks, and paint. Still sounds like lots to do but really I'm pleased with it just how it is.....I know that when it's finished I'll be speechless!


Beth said...

How do you reach the top one?????

Amy said...

That's great! I would love the same type of washer and dryer but will have to wait on that. We just got a new washer and dryer a few years ago. I'm thankful for them and thankful for the bigger house with more space and yard so I'm not complaining. Let me know how much better they work than the regular washers and dryers!!

Anonymous said...

I love front loaders!!!

Your new blog-look looks great!


JennyH said...

Exciting!! I love your blog make over too. Beth did an awesome job!

Mark and Rosalie Pauls and family said...

We have a front load washer too!
What I really love (besides all the practical things) is the happy tune it sings when the cycle is done :)

We got it awhile ago and I will still find the small ones occasionally watch it go round and round!

Amy said...

I saw where you found Christine's blog. She is a good friend of mine and we also worship together at the same church. The doctors are pretty sure that her new baby has down syndrome also. They will be taking the baby on March 4th. They are very special family. I had told her about your family because of Jonathan. Just thought I would share. Have a great day! I would have sent this to you via email but I don't have your email address.

Laura said...

Nice!! I bet the large capacity is really helpful. I can't believe how much laundry little people can generate!

I like you're new blog design. :)