Thursday, January 8, 2009

LIFE...where has the week gone?

It's Thursday afternoon and I wonder where the week has gone? I uploaded these pictures last night from home but was to tired to write the post. We are done with our grooms for the day. All we have left is a little clean up and daycare pick up. So I thought I 'd put in a few words with the pictures, mixed with an update.

I have worked at the store all week with Amanda and Rebekah. We have held out and remained well. As, of today everyone is in the 99.6 temperature range, except Stephen who is still 101. I'm not getting my hopes up we have seen this with several of them over the past few days and at night their fevers are back up to 101 and above. Arthur was fever free yesterday for the first day in 7 days, but still has a bad cough and no energy. The boys are about the same no appetite, cough, runny nose, and random fevers....making them tired and VERY cranky. Wesley has been a real pistol and can't sleep and is hard to keep him satisfied. I spoke to Arthur earlier he said that Wesley had a better morning. Elizabeth has been fever free for 2 days and better than the boys, yet has little energy. Today was her first art class since the holidays. She felt well enough to go, but came home with a head ache and not feeling well...I believe she over did it. We have heard of many people with this strain of flu and it's hard to get over, and some have gone back to work to soon and relapsed. Arthur is biting at the bit to come back to work, other than cancer/chemo I don't think he's ever been home this long. I told Arthur I'd finish out this week at the store, that way we'll know he's well.

Pictures of home from this week.

Our friend Wes knows how our kids LOVE boxes and dropped off 2 huge boxes this week. They decorated the boxes and made them into houses. This has kept them busy, it's also been a great place for a little rest and reading.

Wesley and William have claimed this box as their own....well Wesley thinks they are all his, little stinker! William wasn't really up for pictures.

Inside William's box, he was so ready for bed and it was only 6:50pm.

Here is bigger boys box, James and Stephen have claimed it. Jonathan is happy in what ever box is empty. The boys decorated their box, too. Notice they are still in the Christmas spirit, in the first of January. I assure you we don't still have our trees up...I assume they wish we did.

Here you see Wesley now going into the bigger boys box, he really is busy for being so sick.

Jonathan and James enjoying their box haven. Wes has a couple more boxes for the boys and they are going to create a city. I love that the boys are best friends and enjoy playing together so much...not to say that they always get along. It's just nice to see the bond they have with one another.

The three Amigos week......

We have done our fair share of grooming.......sweet Bridgette.

Rebekah doing a little trimming....Lilly Belle.

We have done LOTS of bathing.....scrub a dub dub Abby in the tub!

Amanda brushing out another ABBY!

Here is Miss Abby when I was finished grooming her, clean and ready to go home.
The rest of the week was filled with talking to customers, walking dogs, feeding, playing in doggie daycare, and cleaning. All in all for the three of us the week has gone by fast, again it's hard to believe it's Thursday already.
*store pictures taken with my cell phone


Theresa said...

Hi working woman!

I hope you get some rest this weekend. Love you!

Caribbean Cindy said...

It was so good to see you for a few minutes while we were home. If you will send me your email address, I can tell you how to get to the blog. Mine is: I'll put you on my prayer letter list, too! I enjoy reading about your sweet family!

JennyH said...

I also wondered where the week went. Sorry to hear not everyone is feeling better yet. No fun.

The boxes looked fun and looks like they provides hours of entertainment for the kiddos.

Sunny said...

I love the new picture on your header!