Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pictures of the past...

Arthur just found several floppy disk with pictures on them, they were taken with the first digital camera we had. I could have cried when I saw these pictures and I'm so excited to have them. Not sure you all know but I LOVE pictures!!! I place very little value on "things" (I'm not a shopper or stuff person) but I really value pictures because it captures a time you can never go back to. So have a look at what was on the first disk........

This is Jonathan July 2000, a few days after he had his third stomach stomach surgery. Jonathan had just undergone a fundoplication, duodenal repair (second time), and placement of his first G tube. Look what a smiley face trooper he was...and still is. These pictures also take me back to a time in our lives that were very hard not just with Jonathan and his health but financially. It is a WONDERFUL reminder of faith, love, and prayers....and how the Lord used this time for growth in HIM. Now 8 years later these are a few of the things that shaped us into who we are today, and the walk we have with our Savior. Even in those days that were very difficult, God had His hand upon us and we had a peace in our hearts. It's easy to rejoice and praise Him when things are going our way, but it's another to rejoice and praise Him in the trials....we choose to rejoice and praise Him and HE carried us speaking peace along the way.

I'm truly amazed at how much Wesley looks like Jonathan. Wesley is now 22 months, so Jonathan is about the same age in these pictures as Wesley now.

This is Jonathan a couple months after he got his G tube, his little face was starting to fill out. I also thought it was funny he had on these pajamas. These pajamas were Madison's first and can you believe even Wesley has worn them. They have made it through 6 boys, it's true if they'd just stay little till their Carter's wear out !
I hope in the days to come to share a few more pictures from the old disk...if Arthur can recover them it's been a process.


Christina said...

Hi Laura! I love finding old pictures! Fun stuff! how's everyone on your end? We are doing okay here!

JennyH said...

I also Love pictures!

What a cute little doll he was. (still is!)

Theresa said...

Who has the blonde on their side, you or Arthur?

Too cute and too fast.

I too am a picture person.

Is everyone well at the Muncks?