Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sickness update

The family is on the mend, but not well yet. Arthur came back to work yesterday. All the boys are better from fever but still having coughs, runny nose, and 2 have sore throats. Elizabeth isn't quite herself yet, but is still helping hold down the fort. Jonathan now has a bad eye infection, poor boy. Madison came down to help at the store today, so I think he's feeling more like himself.

On Saturday night Amanda's body couldn't hold out any longer...she is now sick! Last night her fever was up to 104, I guess she'll be down for the next 5 to 6 days.

Now Rebekah and I are the only ones who haven't been hit by the sick bug...praying we remain that way.

It's hard to believe this is January 13th, and this nasty flu has been in our home since December 31st. What a way to start out 2009! Glad the Great Physician is taking care of us:)


Lyndi said...

Well, it sounds like you are on the tail end of it. Hopefully everyone will be completely well soon, and the 2 lucky ones who have escaped it so far, will stay healthy!!

Amy said...

Thanks for the update. I've been wondering how the family was feeling. Hope you continue to stay well along with your daughter. "This to shall pass!"

Mrs. Tara said...

praying you guys are back to full health soon...... missed you all Sunday night! :)
I am ready to come play webkinz when everyone is well.

Michelle said...

I'm so sorry to hear how sick your whole (almost anyway!) household has been! Praying that everyone gets better soon!

Kerri said...

OK, this is too bizarre! We all got sick here on the 31st as well. I haven't been by here because of that. We too are finally getting better. This illness is a doozy!!


My name is Sarah said...

I am sorry you all have been sick. I hope you get better.

Chris said...

We are just getting out of ours. When you have a large family it just lingers a bit longer.


Christina said...

Praying for everyone to get and stay well!