Sunday, January 25, 2009

Wesley's first haircut

Wesley's First Haircut

Wesley just had his first haircut. It was long overdue, people where starting to mistake our sweet boy for a girl. Trust me if they were around him for long they would see he is ALL boy. My brother David had gotten to the point he was calling Wesley "Samson". So the time had come to cut those long Blondie locks.

Here is Wesley posing, waiting on his haircut. The night he received his first haircut I also cut all his brothers hair and Arthur's. We cut hair down at our store, Wesley is sitting on a grooming table covered by a towel.

This is why it was hard for me to cut his hair, I loved those few curls. If you know our family we all have very straight hair. I just wanted to keep the curls as long as possible.

Good bye to our Little Boy & Hello Big Boy !

Arthur helped hold Wesley still, and keep him calm. Wesley wasn't real sure about the whole haircut thing, or sitting on the grooming table.

Towards the end Wesley began to sit pretty still, as still as you can at 22 months. He was very good and we were all so excited to see the finished haircut.

Here you have it the NEW WESLEY!!!!

We gave Wesley a haircut much like Williams. Boy did it change his little face. We had a haircut celebration for Wesley when we returned home from the store. Arthur made his famous homemade milkshakes. I believe in these pictures Wesley is showing lots of smiles from his milkshake overload. He ate his and sampled some from each of our cups.
Now we have 5 big boys, and 1 little guy....not to be mistaken as a baby or girl again!


Lyndi said...

Oh, he looks too sweet. Good job on the hair cut, very impressive!

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Awww he looks so cute!!! I think you need to cut Keeghan's hair too! LOL

Amy said...

Wesley is so cute!!! You did a great job. I don't cut any of my children's hair because the lady who has done my hair since we moved here and she cuts all five boys for $20. I feel like that is a deal!!!! My husband cuts his own hair and I just trim the back and make sure it is ok.

Laura said...

He's such a cutie! Great job on the haircut. :)

JennyH said...

I love his hair- before and after. You did a great job. what a big boy he is now!