Saturday, February 28, 2009

We are on a BIG trip!

Yesterday we left on a trip we have been praying about for almost a year! For our family this isn't just any trip, but a trip that we "ALL" have saved for. Not just because of all the sites we are going to see, friends we are going to visit (friends we have never met face to face, but have grown to love) but because of then way we are traveling on this trip. We have rented a RV!

Arthur and I picked up the RV on Thursday afternoon in Atlanta. We arrived home around 6PM that evening and started packing. The packing continued until 12:00AM, and then we had to get some rest. Yesterday morning we resumed packing at 7:30AM, by noon we were ready to hit the road. It takes lots of time to get 11 people packed and ready for a 14 day trip. All the Bigs were wonderful about helping pack everything we needed, and the Littles watched and waited.

We made it to Paducah, Kentucky last night. We slept at a Loves truck stop. Everyone slept well...except Arthur and I. We let Wesley sleep with us, in our almost 17 years of having children NONE of our children have slept with us. Let's just say it was eventful, Wesley slapped Arthur all night while kicking me....sigh* All in all I believe we all rested well.

Right now we are on our way to St. Louis, Missouri. We are all looking forward to seeing the Arch! The weather has been ugly and raining, and at the moment we are driving through some sleet and snow. The trees around us are covered in ice, it's really something to see and quite pretty.

We hope to post some pictures tonight and an update where we will be laying our heads to rest....Yes in the RV. We're just not sure what city. This is just part of the fun of this trip and our travel adventure. We're not sure where we will be each night but we do have a few key destinations we are going to hit. The TOP being Mount Rushmore, Canada, and Minnesota. The fun is we are together and there's lots to see on the way between our key destinations :)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

What's for breakfast???

What do most people in the south eat for breakfast???
All of my family likes grits, everyone but ME! For years I have cooked grits for my family, and they all enjoy them. Well, in the past few weeks I haven't been feeling well, so when I think of something that will settle well on my stomach I try to make it. Last week I bought some Cream of Wheat. I grew up eating it , and it sounded good and bland. I cooked some and enjoyed every bite. A few days later I made a big pot to share with my whole family for breakfast. They ate it and loved it!!! YAY!!! Years ago I tried to get my family to love Cream of Wheat like I do, but they really liked Grits much better. Well, as of today I have now converted everyone over to ......Cream of Wheat....they said they like it more than Grits. I'll be cooking it in the morning for breakfast :)

So what do you eat for breakfast??????

Friday, February 20, 2009


Rebekah has been busy the past few weeks crafting. She was given some scrap material from her great-grandmother Nonnie, and set to work on her very first quilt.

Rebekah pieced together the front in small squares. The inside has a layer of cotton batting, then she purchased a solid blue material for the backing.

The finished quilt turned out very nicely, and is so soft......just the right size and weight for a baby :)

Rebekah has also been whipping up these cute scarfs. She made 3 in one afternoon. They are made from a cotton material. Each scarf has a very thin layer of cotton batting, to give them shape and a little more warmth. Rebekah used yarn for the fringe.

This is the scarf Rebekah made for me, and I love it.
I enjoy seeing the talents that the Lord has blessed each of our children with. This is definitely a talent, Rebekah didn't get this from me, nor did she have any help on her projects. She goes off into the craft room and appears later with something either in the works or like the scarfs finished....ready to be given as gifts.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Monday, February 16, 2009

Memories Monday

You see this nasty woman...well in the past few weeks I feel like I might be her close relative. No I don't look like her but my attitude has been pretty stinky! It's amazing what nausea will do to you. I haven't lost it with the kids, but often times I feel like I'm on a very tight wire! Sending this child or that child here or there, trying just to keep them occupied, so I don't end up looking like this...

One day this past week the boys were so loud I thought, about an activity that would take them for a spin :O In the end I saw the danger and backed out :)

On another day I thought, what about a cage...just for a little while ;)

In the end I know that the boys aren't acting any differently than they always do, it's ME! Most days I'm just trying to keep my head up and my meals down. I'm thankful for all my big kids and Arthur trying to look over me and holding everything together during this time.

I'm praying in the days to come I'll feel like the mom, I know I am. Again, thankful for the sickness, and as all things do.... it to shall pass :) Praising the Lord for the new life growing within me!

(The first 3 Memories Monday pictures are from our Disney trip Nov. 2008, and the picture of Wesley and myself is from Christmas)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

For God so loVed the world,
That He gAve
His onLy
That whosoever
Believeth In Him
Should Not perish
But have Everlasting life.

John 3:16

I'm not sure why I couldn't get this to aline on my computer, you get the Valentine EVER is Jesus!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Madison... Happy Birthday!!


Madison your 12 today and growing faster than we can believe. Your now wearing a size 91/2 shoe and only 3 inches shorter than me, but we don't just see your outward growth. Your mind and spirit are growing as well. God placed you in a very important role in our family, as the BIG brother to 5 little brothers. They watch your every move and take in all that you do and say. You are a wonderful example and encourager to them. You have been blessed with meekness, gentleness, and unbelievable sense of compassion. I pray these things continue to grow in you, and God uses you in a mighty way for Him. We love you!!!

When I think of a birthday party that Madison loved it would be his second birthday. He and Rebekah had their party together, each having their own cake to themselves... Madison dug right in he is such a sweet tooth. The other thing that made this big birthday party so much fun was all the family that came. It was on a Sunday and we had Jonathan's dedicated at church that morning. This was truly a celebration to remember. Now tonight I hope you don't dig into your cake like you did when you were 2! Happy Birthday Maddie!!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

REBEKAH.. Happy Birthday!


It's so hard to believe that you are 14 years old today. You have grown so much in this past year and your talents have truly blossomed. You always keep us laughing and life is never dull with you around. We look forward to many more years of watching you become who God has created you to be. When I look at you often I think of you as this little baby girl.....

The one we brought home from the hospital 14 years ago! We love you and thank the Lord daily for blessing us with you!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Baby News!!!

I went to the OB today for my first ultrasound, with this baby! To be honest for days I've been a little a anxious, praying that the ultrasound would go well...and that baby would be fine and look good. Arthur would tell you that I was stressing myself out, for no reason. He would then tell me to remember who is in control...good thing it isn't me!!! Thank you Lord! OK now it's out I'm a worrier by nature, and most the worry isn't necessary! Today I proved my husband right again, the worry was for nothing! It also reminds me I'm glad he's the head of the family and not me :) enough about that on with the news....

There is ONLY one Baby!!! That's the first question my children ask. They hoped for two, I'm so very thankful for the one!

Baby looked very good on the ultrasound, baby's heartbeat was strong. Baby moved several times while we were watching and YES it sat my heart at ease. You would think all this morning "day" sickness I'm having would give me peace of mind...well for the none worrier it would! ( I can hear Arthur now "Honey where's your faith" to that I often want to reply "on your coat tails"...a family story for another day) All in all it was a great doctors visit...YAY!!!!

The other news is they changed my due date by one week. They moved it back, so now I'm 9 weeks. That was fine because my last 4 have all been early, when I say early I mean 19 and 21 days. So, that still puts me due the end of August...but we all know when the best day is in the Lords timing!!!

Thank you all for your kind words and prayers, they have been felt!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Memories Monday

Memories Monday

This is a picture of William. I'm not really sure where the balloons came from or what occasion we had them. Anyway, if you look at William's feet you will see he has a brace on his right foot. William was playing in our family room and stumbled on a toy. He must have twisted his foot in just the right position for a good break, proving babies aren't flexible. William wore this little foot brace on his foot for 6 weeks, until it healed. He never seemed to mind, and still wanted to wear it after it had healed. When I came across this picture the other day I'd almost forgotten about William breaking his foot, time passes so fast.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Why so many???


We often get this question about why so many children. Sometimes it's worded just that way and sometimes worded a little more tactfully. Either way we aren't offended by their curiosity, and see it as an open to door to share "our" beliefs and who we are. I've pondered for months on how to write this post. Today seemed like the day so, if you've ever wondered Why so's why!

Bottom Rt-Lt
Elizabeth, Rebekah,Wesley, Madison, & Amanda
Top Rt- Lt
James, William, Jonathan, & Stephen

Before Arthur and I got married we prayed and discussed about how many children we wanted to have, how we would discipline, and parent our children. We agreed on everything 100% and both wanted 4 children, we both come from a family with 4 children. So, that's where or views started on having children before the "I do" !

Our first child Elizabeth was born in March 1992, and we were so excited to be parents. We played, loved, and marveled at her every move. Often times not knowing as parents if we were doing all that was right...Elizabeth the first child and the guinea pig to ALL our parenting techniques. We received lots of advice from ladies at church and our parents. When Elizabeth was born we wondered where her instruction book was?! Amanda was our next girl blessing and she was born August 1993. She was a very different baby than Elizabeth, this is the first sign of oh' all babies aren't the same. Amanda was very easy going and content, not like Elizabeth who required lots of attention and entertainment. I was amazed just how different they were, yet I knew God created them perfect. They played so well together and truly complemented each other with their differences. February 1995 rolled around and our Rebekah was born. Thinking I'm getting better at the baby thing, Rebekah threw us for a loop. Three children under 3, 2 parents and only 2 sets of hands. In those first few months we had to develop a game plan and strategy or these 3 small girls were going to get the best of us. It took sometime and we became more and more organized. (You know I'm a perfectionist by nature, but those babies didn't care. This is when I started to see I had to be fluid in my ways.) Thankfully Rebekah was a delightful baby a true mix of Elizabeth and Amanda. Rebekah with her smile and love for life keeps us all laughing and entertained! Two years later 1997 again in February we were blessed with the FIRST of our string of boys Madison.Life had a twist now we had a boy and boy toys! Madison was our biggest baby at 8.13, he also was the most laid back. He was such an easy baby. We were also beginning to see that 3 was hard but 4 came pretty easy. At this point we had our 4 children just what "we" had planned.

The spring of 1998 we found out that we were expecting baby #5, our plans were changing in MANY ways! The biggest change NOT being that we were expecting #5. The big change came when I was 16 weeks pregnant with Jonathan. I went in for a routine ultrasound, but on that day we received news that there was something wrong with our baby. The next day I was sent to the high risk doctor for a in depth ultrasound, to see what problems our baby might have. We had told the doctor we didn't want to know what our baby was going to be. As the ultrasound went on and they continued to name off all the things wrong with our baby stomach blockage, fluid on his brain, and numerous tumors around his placenta. We decided we wanted to know was this a boy or girl? They told us that we were having a boy. That was right before I had my amnio. Jonathan's amniotic fluid was very dark from the tumors leaking into the placenta, so they couldn't draw fluids from there. The doctor had to go further and place the needle straight into Jonathan's umbilical cord and draw blood. We left that day feeling very sad, but praying hard that God would preform a miracle...Not one of complete healing but that He would give us the gift of this child living. Only 3 days later (because they tested blood and not fluid) we found out the news that Jonathan was going to be blessed with an extra chromosome...He was going to be our special boy with Down Syndrome. I could go on and on about his health problems but not for this post, sorry. It was a Friday night when we received the call from Dr. Adair to tell us about their findings, yet in our hearts we already knew. He had Arthur and I both on the phone and he ask us this question "do you want to terminate this pregnancy"? Arthur and I neither one had to think and both answered "NO" right away. His next words were "Good, I have to tell everyone this" he went on to say "if you did choose to terminate what a wonderful blessing you would be missing out on". I can't express in words how right he was in saying that, even with all the delays, sickness, and hard times Jonathan is like looking at a little piece of Heaven on earth...even on his stubborn days :)

During Jonathan's pregnancy and after his birth is when God, started moving our hearts and "our" choice on how many children we should have. We saw the miracle in birth and life with each child, but with Jonathan it was another confirmation on how priceless and precious each child is...truly a gift only given by HIM! From the beginning of our marriage we chose to live for the Lord and have Him lead our marriage, yet we held back one thing we would choose the number of children. We knew then that meant giving it ALL to Him, even if that meant how many children He would bless us with.

In November 2000 James was born, 2 years and 1 month after Jonathan. The pregnancy with James was a breeze, and I was looking forward to having a buddy for Jonathan. James was a very calm baby and learned to do lots of things right along with could have been all the therapy James had to attend with Jonathan :) After the first year James started to pass Jonathan up in areas, but James was a great encourager for Jonathan pushing him to go the extra mile. Stephen came October 2002 it seemed like time was flying by having 7 children to keep us busy. Stephen was a quite baby always taking everything in, but once he was mobile he became our sneaky mess. I believe now he was quite and always watching to see later what to get into. We now had 3 girls and 4 boys, life was very full and happy.

December 2003 HIT! This wasn't another baby but colon cancer for Arthur. He had his surgery December 1, 2003. He then started chemo January 6, 2004....Life was really upside down. On Arthur's first day of chemo we were sitting waiting for them to come and put in his port, I ask him "do you think we can have more children"? Arthur said he didn't know but we should ask. When the nurse came in Arthur ask her, she looked a little surprised. She then proceeded to tell us if we wanted more children as a sure thing we should not go through with the chemo today, and get information about a sperm bank ( I can't believe I just wrote those words). She told us to take a few minutes to talk and walked out. My heart sank but I didn't speak. Arthur being the level headed one looks at me and says " Laura I know how much children mean to you and me, but if we used a sperm bank than who would be in control"? I knew the answer, because of our convictions and because we had placed this is the Lords hands 5 years before. Arthur started his chemo that day, and we never looked back. UNTIL January 19 just 13 days after Arthur had started chemo, that day I found out I was pregnant with William. You see the Lord knew our hearts and had already placed a babe within my womb...before the chemo...God is good all the time!!!! Arthur would say as he went through chemo that his present at the end of treatments would be his new baby. September 8, 2004 William joined our family just 2 months after Arthur's last round of chemo. William looks so much like Arthur and is natured very much like his daddy. Arthur was then told that because of the chemo he was given that his chances of having other children was only about 10%. Arthur continued to say if the Lord wants us to have more children it doesn't matter that they say 10%. Well, on March 7, 2007 we welcomed Wesley into our family. Wesley was a fuzzy headed little guy and required lots of attention. He required the attention because he was accustom to having it 24/7 from all his siblings. Now he is a very busy almost 2 year old.

This past summer I wrote HERE about a journey in my life at that time. I didn't go into detail about this journey, but told about the places the Lord had taken me. On July 7, 2008 the Lord chose to call home a child that I still held within me. One I had carried not only under my heart but in my heart. I was several months along, yet very few people knew. This is the first time I've truly spoken about our baby who is being held in the arms of the Lord. This baby would now be 3 weeks old, and the sadness hasn't fully gone away. I praise the Lord daily for carrying me through our lose and loving me. I know one day we shall see our child in eternity.

That brings us to today! The Lord has seen fit to bless us AGAIN!!!! The Lord willing we will be adding an addition to our family the end of August! I am 10 weeks along, and have been very sick not morning sickness ALL DAY sickness! Funny thing is I'm so very thankful for the sickness I know that means things are... we pray progressing well. I'll have an ultrasound done next week. I would appreciate your prayers, not because of my sickness BUT for the health of our baby. For we know each child is a gift from above a wonderful blessing.... as Arthur says "10% you can't tell God the creator 10% chance"!

Behold, children are a gift from the Lord; The fruit of the womb is a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, So are the children of ones youth. How blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them; They shall not be ashamed when they speak with their enemies in the gate.

Psalms 127:3-5

About the instruction book we laughed about and said we didn't receive when Elizabeth was born. We did have the instruction book all along The Bible God's Holy Word! This is the book in which we get our direction.

I know not everyone believes the same way we do, I hope this gives you a better idea for us why so many !

UPDATE: Our latest blessings....

September 9, 2009

"Ruth Ella" Katherine Munck

May 8, 2011

"Mary Ann" Faith Munck

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Blog Makeover !

Over this past week end The Munck's Quiver had a blog makeover. I love it and think it turned out great, better than I had ever imagined. So I want to say a very big

THANK YOU to my friend BETH who worked so hard on making our blog beautiful!!!