Friday, February 20, 2009


Rebekah has been busy the past few weeks crafting. She was given some scrap material from her great-grandmother Nonnie, and set to work on her very first quilt.

Rebekah pieced together the front in small squares. The inside has a layer of cotton batting, then she purchased a solid blue material for the backing.

The finished quilt turned out very nicely, and is so soft......just the right size and weight for a baby :)

Rebekah has also been whipping up these cute scarfs. She made 3 in one afternoon. They are made from a cotton material. Each scarf has a very thin layer of cotton batting, to give them shape and a little more warmth. Rebekah used yarn for the fringe.

This is the scarf Rebekah made for me, and I love it.
I enjoy seeing the talents that the Lord has blessed each of our children with. This is definitely a talent, Rebekah didn't get this from me, nor did she have any help on her projects. She goes off into the craft room and appears later with something either in the works or like the scarfs finished....ready to be given as gifts.


Amy said...

This is great! I would to be able to do these kind of things but lack the time and know-how!! Does this mean that my girls still have a chance of maybe learning these types of things even if Momma doesn't?

Beth said...

LOVE IT ALL!! She should start a little shop or something! She could make some money!

Lyndi said...

What a great talent! All the items look beautiful!

Theresa said...

Wow. That is so cool. I didn't get that ability either. Can't sing, can't dance, can't play and instrument, can't sew. But there are lots of other things I CAN do.

That is great that she made the baby a quilt.

Love to you friend!

Mark and Rosalie Pauls and family said...

Great job Rebekah! I could use you around our house :) Kerri is now starting to show interest in sewing, so I am hoping she will take it up and we can have at least one seamstress in our home!

Those scarves with come in handy when you come to visit us in Canada!

Christine said...

Wow, tell Rebekah that the quilt looks great! Baby quilts and kitchen hot pads were the first things I learned to sew when I was 18 or 19.
Thanks for leaving the comment about Austin andbaby wearing. I read it to him and he looked so proud that someone else,than me,would think he was a good brother. :)
PS You need to add a baby ticker to your blog so I can keep up with howmany weeks you are.:)
If everyone stays healthy and pox free we are going to head to the aquarium in the next week or two. I'll email you and see if your crew wants to come too.
Christine @ Live to Learn

JennyH said...

Those look great. She did an awesome job!

Caribbean Cindy said...

Love these things so much! I do think Rebekah could sell her scarfs. They are the cutest I have seen! What a wonderful first quilt. She is just amazing! You have every reason to be proud!