Saturday, February 28, 2009

We are on a BIG trip!

Yesterday we left on a trip we have been praying about for almost a year! For our family this isn't just any trip, but a trip that we "ALL" have saved for. Not just because of all the sites we are going to see, friends we are going to visit (friends we have never met face to face, but have grown to love) but because of then way we are traveling on this trip. We have rented a RV!

Arthur and I picked up the RV on Thursday afternoon in Atlanta. We arrived home around 6PM that evening and started packing. The packing continued until 12:00AM, and then we had to get some rest. Yesterday morning we resumed packing at 7:30AM, by noon we were ready to hit the road. It takes lots of time to get 11 people packed and ready for a 14 day trip. All the Bigs were wonderful about helping pack everything we needed, and the Littles watched and waited.

We made it to Paducah, Kentucky last night. We slept at a Loves truck stop. Everyone slept well...except Arthur and I. We let Wesley sleep with us, in our almost 17 years of having children NONE of our children have slept with us. Let's just say it was eventful, Wesley slapped Arthur all night while kicking me....sigh* All in all I believe we all rested well.

Right now we are on our way to St. Louis, Missouri. We are all looking forward to seeing the Arch! The weather has been ugly and raining, and at the moment we are driving through some sleet and snow. The trees around us are covered in ice, it's really something to see and quite pretty.

We hope to post some pictures tonight and an update where we will be laying our heads to rest....Yes in the RV. We're just not sure what city. This is just part of the fun of this trip and our travel adventure. We're not sure where we will be each night but we do have a few key destinations we are going to hit. The TOP being Mount Rushmore, Canada, and Minnesota. The fun is we are together and there's lots to see on the way between our key destinations :)


Laura said...

How fun!! I'll be looking forward to your updates!

Dee Dee and Family said...

We are praying for a safe and fun trip!! Have fun....and get some sleep!

Christine said...

I'll have to say this sounds fun and yet a tad crazy! I couldn't imagine going to the grocery store in the first trimester much less a 14 day road trip! I'm glad you do have your big kids to help.
Have a great trip.
Christine @ Live to Learn

Mrs. Tara said...

Love you guys! Tried to call yesterday when I thought you would be on the road! Have fun. I am praying for you guys.

Theresa said...

Sometimes on the weekends I'll let one or the other sleep with me. Friday night they both ended up in the Queen. Daniel slapped me around 11:20 and that was it for me. Curtis and I ended up in Amanda's bed! LOL.

Praying for you on your trip. I can't wait to see the pictures. Love Theresa

Anonymous said...

This is just awesome! Tyson took a trip like this his senior year to Niagra Falls with Candies Creek Church. He said it was the best trip he ever took.

Christina said...

Not sure if you know this but as long as you are at Mount Rushmore, just up the road about 20 minutes is Crazy Horse, which is pretty cool to see also! Have a wonderful trip!