Sunday, February 22, 2009

What's for breakfast???

What do most people in the south eat for breakfast???
All of my family likes grits, everyone but ME! For years I have cooked grits for my family, and they all enjoy them. Well, in the past few weeks I haven't been feeling well, so when I think of something that will settle well on my stomach I try to make it. Last week I bought some Cream of Wheat. I grew up eating it , and it sounded good and bland. I cooked some and enjoyed every bite. A few days later I made a big pot to share with my whole family for breakfast. They ate it and loved it!!! YAY!!! Years ago I tried to get my family to love Cream of Wheat like I do, but they really liked Grits much better. Well, as of today I have now converted everyone over to ......Cream of Wheat....they said they like it more than Grits. I'll be cooking it in the morning for breakfast :)

So what do you eat for breakfast??????


Candi said...

I love cream of wheat as well and definitely more than grits. I grew up eating cream of wheat although I'm from the south. My grandmother wasn't from the south so she served us this many mornings before the school bus came. I just started eating grits more within the last 10 years. My kids love cream of wheat as well, but I don't know if they know the difference between it and grits just yet.

Lyndi said...

Mmmmmm. I like both. I like Grits at Cracker Barrel and Cream of Wheat the way my sister makes it. (notice, I don't make either one, lol)

Ruby's Mom said...

I love both!

Laura said...

I like grits, but I've never tried Cream of Wheat. I'll have to get some!

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Breakfast? What's breakfast?

Mark and Rosalie Pauls and family said...

We know what cream of wheat is, but what in the world is 'grits'. Must be an American thing :)

Our Breakfasts:
Friday-Porridge or Baked Oatmeal
Saturday-Brunch (Pancakes,Waffles or Biscuits)
Sunday-Usually Toast

JennyH said...

Our breakfasts varies. I remember all those smells being pregnant. It is awful. I still can not stand certain lotions from bath & body works. Makes me nauseous (is that spelled right?). I don't envy you!

Anonymous said...


Mrs. Tara said...

You know me- no breakfast normally. Have fun on your trip. I miss you. If you guys get a chance will you come get a turtle to take on your trip- that would be cool!
Love you- have fun

Theresa said...

I've never had real true grits. I think I would like them. But Cream of Wheat...I didn't like the texture. I've only had it one. My dad would eat it all the time. I guess I need to try it again. How are you?

Stacey said...

I love Cream of Wheat, but I've only heard about grits a little bit. Like Rosalie said, it must be an American thing!

By the way, I stumbled across your blog from Rosalie's. I'm glad you enjoyed your time in Canada!